Land Back: Help Reclaim Indigenous Land

Indigenous rights to land are not often protected, so we must preserve their rights to ownership. By advocating for Indigenous Land Back, we also prevent further pollution and harm from projects that wreak havoc on our natural ecosystems.

Together, we can honour Indigenous land, preserve Canada’s biodiversity and fight climate change.

Canada’s #LandBack Movement

Indigenous land rights are key to the health and preservation of our environment. With knowledge and rituals passed down from generation to generation, they are Earth’s greatest stewards, driving the land-based climate movement. 

  • According to the UN, Indigenous lands make up around 20% of the earth’s territory, but contain 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity.
  • Indigenous people in Canada often face costly court battles to defend their land and are at constant risk of dispossession of land, forced relocation and often accompanying violence.
  • In 2020, $1.5M was raised for Land Back and Indigenous environmental causes on GoFundMe. 

Support the Indigenous Land Back movement

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