GoFundMe Cerification Guidelines

While most people who see and donate to your campaign will be in your network, it’s still important that your campaign is as transparent as possible about who you are, what brought you to GoFundMe, and how the funds will be handled. This will help increase donor confidence in the the legitimacy of your fundraiser.

It’s a misconception that you won’t need to state basic information like your name or situation. In fact, it’s only to your benefit to be as clear and transparent as possible in your campaign story, even for potential donors who already know you.

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Verifying your GoFundMe

To create the smoothest possible experience, we’ve created some GoFundMe verification guidelines for your own campaign. We ask that you include these details:

  1. Who you are
  2. Who you are raising the funds for
  3. Your relationship to the beneficiary (the person receiving the funds)
  4. How the funds will be spent (be specific as possible)
  5. How the funds will be delivered to your beneficiary

Providing this information makes your own experience more seamless and helps potential donors feel at ease because they can see exactly where their money is going and who is responsible for getting it into the right hands.

Connecting to Facebook

Another great way to ensure you’re creating a trustworthy campaign and making your donors feel comfortable giving to your cause is to connect your campaign to your Facebook account.  

Once your campaign is connected, you will still have total control over what gets posted to Facebook. Verifying your campaign in this way will also ensure your campaign is listed in our public search directory and will give donors peace of mind that your campaign is legitimate.