Here’s How You Can Help Canadian Environmental Charities Today

Environmental charities are important to support to realize a more sustainable future and protect our planet and wildlife. And while the entire planet is experiencing climate change, Canada’s climate is warming twice as fast as the global average. The good news is that individuals, organizations, and governments are making real progress in protecting the environment and battling the climate crisis.

Raise Money for Charity

Helping environmental charities is easy

Find a charity

Start a fundraiser

Donate directly

How to find the right charity for you

  • 1. Find a charity that supports your favourite cause

    There is no shortage of good causes. The key is finding the charity whose mission statement fits your values, addresses a problem or community you are passionate about, and inspires you. If it is an environmental charity, is the charity itself taking the steps to be environmentally conscious?

  • 2. Decide how you want to help

    From one-time donation, fundraising for the charity, and volunteering – there are multiple avenues that you can support a charity. Reach out to the charities program manager to discover all the ways that you can support.

  • 3. Measure the charities impact

    Make sure your hard-earned dollars are going towards a high-impact environmental charity. Charity Intelligence Canada is a great tool to find the best environmental charities through their detailed and transparent reports on charities’ impact.

Supporting environmental charities

Environmental charities in Canada are playing a vital role in the protection of our wildlife and environment, mitigate the damage effects of climate change, and advocate for climate justice. In just minutes, you can start a fundraiser for a charity close to your heart. 

Start a GoFundMe

Fundraise for charities protecting Canadian wildlife

Wildlife charities are helping protect habitats of Canadian wildlife, conserve species-at-risk, and working towards a world in which Canadian wildlife thrives.


Environmental advocacy and climate change charities

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Eight of Canada’s 10 provinces, and all three territories, border ocean waters. Rising sea levels are threatening Canada. Raise money for environmental advocacy and fight climate change.

Raise money for conservation

Canada is the second-largest country in the world – its land area is almost 10M sq km, but what is often forgotten is that it also has more than 200,000 km of coastline. Conservation charities promote conservation and sustainable management of Canada’s natural resources. 

Ways to support Canadian environmental charities

Power of crowdfunding

The simplest way to make an impact is to raise money for your favourite environmental charity in Canada. As opposed to a singular donation, online fundraisers enable you to raise more money and introduce more people to the cause and charity. Fundraise today.

Looking to push yourself?

A popular way to raise money for charity is to pair your favourite activity with a cause close to your heart. Whether you are running, walking, knitting, or taking to the rink – challenge yourself for a larger cause.

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Fundraise for environmental charities

Over 10,000 people a day start a GoFundMe. GoFundMe and PayPal have made raising money for charity fast and secure. Through our charity feature, powered by PayPal Giving Fund, all money raised automatically goes directly to the certified charity. Browse a list of environmental charities to find the perfect cause for you. Raise money today for a greener tomorrow.

Raise money for the environment