Raise Money for Animals in Need Today

We build connections with animals, whether it be our furry friends and closest companions, or the rich wildlife of Canada that inspires and connects us to nature. Turn your passion into action and raise money for animals in need.


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Save a life today by fundraising for an animal in need

Fundraise for local animal shelters

Displaced animals rely on animal shelters to give them a chance at a forever home. Over 100,000 cats and dogs are taken into shelters. Help fundraise for food, supplies, adoption fees, and other necessities for your local shelters. 

Give help to animals affected by natural disasters

From forest fires to devastating flooding, natural disasters have displaced thousands of animals across Canada, leaving animals scared and shelters overrun with left-behind pets. Start a fundraiser for a shelter or organization giving these animals a second chance.

Fundraise for a pet’s medical emergency

1 in 3 pets will need emergency veterinary treatment this year, which can be a costly but necessary expense. Start a fundraiser for a pet’s medical emergency to ensure they get the help they need.

Help preserve Canada’s wildlife and protect endangered species

Fundraise for wildlife preservation

Canada is home to 80,000 species, including the beloved narwhal, moose, polar bear and Canada’s national animal, the beaver. Sadly, the stress of human activities is threatening a country rich with wildlife. Start a fundraiser to help preserve thousands of wildlife species and the ecosystem in which they depend on.

Raise money to protect endangered species

As of 2018, 810 species were considered at risk in Canada. Wildlife like the Woodland Caribou, Harbour Porpoise, and Beluga Whale are some of the most endangered species. Start a fundraiser today to help protect your favourite animal from extinction.

Help rehabilitate Canada’s wildlife

Fundraise for sick, orphaned, or injured wild animals. Rehabilitation centres work to nourish, protect, and train distressed wildlife so they can safely return to nature. Support a wildlife rescue centre today.

Helping animals is easy

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 Charities supporting wildlife

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It’s easy to start collecting donations for animals you love

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Support your local shelters

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