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GoFundMe has created a safe and welcoming online community for transgender folks to find support for their gender confirmation surgery fundraising. This year alone, dozens of people around the world have raised over $100,000 to support their transitions, from surgery costs to other related expenses.


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Skyler Jay, who was recently featured on Netflix’s Queer Eye, wrote about his experience on with GoFundMe fundraiser:

“It can be really hard to talk about my private medical information, not to mention asking for money. But what I found by telling my story through my GoFundMe campaign was that I learned I had an incredibly supportive community that would help me all along my journey. I knew that—no matter what—they were going to have my back and I was going to get the medical attention and financial help I needed. I am so grateful for the new family I have found by being brave and bold throughout this process.”



Another person who turned to GoFundMe, Myla, wrote movingly about her coming out experience.

“I then came out as my true authentic self. Myla Cashaw. A black transgender woman. The next couple years after that, I had really dived into learning more about my identity. I learned that this uncomfortable feeling is called gender dysphoria. I decided that I wanted to take steps that I would feel would help alleviate my dysphoria. so I began taking hormones. They have done wonders & have helped me feel more like myself.”

She goes on to talk her fundraising experience on GoFundMe:

“Crowdfunding is a scary thing because you never know how it’ll be perceived. But I have faith that my community could help me along my pursuit to happiness. A donation, like, share, or even you simply reading this far means everything to me.”

Support yourself or others with transgender surgery fundraising

Wherever you are in your process of affirming your gender identity and/or expression, GoFundMe is here for you to help ensure that there is a truly supportive space for you to gather support during your journey.

Take a look at some of the resources below for how to pay for gender confirmation surgery. For additional information about crowdfunding, please read GoFundMe’s Gender Confirmation Surgery Cost and Funding Guide, and take a look at some of the verified campaigns below. GoFundMe provides a fundraising model, which means more of the money you raise can go toward helping your or your friend’s transition. If you’d like to add your campaign to this page please contact our support team.

Gender confirmation surgery fundraisers on GoFundMe

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