Help feed Vancouver families over the holidays

For every dollar raised, 12 pounds of food go to a family in need

This holiday season will be a little different, and with many people in urgent need of daily essentials, the case for food security has never been stronger. We are seeing more and more Canadians lean on one another to get through this year. 

Since the economic fallout of COVID-19, more Canadians are turning to food banks for the first time and millions more continue to rely on these centres to put food on their table. Organizations like Backpack Buddies, who help feed hungry BC kids, have seen that the demand for its services has nearly tripled.

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  • Initial sharing and promotion

    Let the people closest to you or your cause know about the fundraiser first. Support leads to more support, so asking people to join you as being the first to donate or share will give your fundraiser initial momentum. Send personal outreaches to your closest supporters to get them invested in your cause.

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Vancouverites Making a Difference

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