Support Loved Ones During the Coronavirus With These Resources

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Living through a global pandemic has brought about new challenges for every single person on the planet. Everyone is doing their best to figure out this new normal—but it hasn’t been easy. Some folks are out of work, trying to raise their children as a single parent, or simply trying to keep food on the table. If there is someone in your life you’d like to help during these stressful times, this article shares a few simple ways to help you support loved ones during the coronavirus crisis.

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Mental health resources you can share with loved ones

In any time of crisis, protecting your mental health is one of the most essential things you can do. If someone you care about is struggling to cope with COVID-19 stress, you can share any of the below resources with them to make sure they are able to receive the help they need.

  • On its website, the Canadian Mental Health Association offers ideas on how to connect with others and how to cope with anxiety. It also offers webinars and workshops related to COVID-19.
  • The Public Health Agency offers a comprehensive guide on stress and coping resources that are specific to COVID-19.
  • Mental Health Commission provides even more resources for those dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.
  • If your friend or family needs to speak to a professional, then BlahTherapy, Talkspace,  and BetterHelp are apps and websites that connect people with affordable therapy options.
  • If money is an issue in receiving professional help, you can send them this blog post on mental health financial assistance.
  • Kids Help Phone is a texting service that connects people with counsellors who are trained to offer advice and counselling.
  • Is your loved one being forced to quarantine with someone who is abusive? These hotlines can offer them advice on what to do.
  • Loneliness has been a huge issue for millions of people who are quarantining by themselves. You can send your loved ones this blog post on staying connected during the coronavirus.

Care for loved ones during the coronavirus by sharing information

Like countless others, perhaps your loved ones are trying to sort through the overwhelming amount of coronavirus information floating around. Below are resources you can share with them that can help them navigate the essential information about COVID-19 and stay healthy.

  • It’s crucial to know the correct coronavirus facts in order to dispel any rumours or falsehoods. You can share the linked guide with those you care about to help them understand the basics about the virus.
  • The World Health Organization covers all of the essential information about COVID-19 on its site.
  • The Public Health Agency’s coronavirus hub is another legitimate resource for those looking for statistics, safety guidelines, and other resources.
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine put together a list of common coronavirus myths and facts to help stop the spread of rumours.

Unemployment resources to help loved ones in your life

If someone you care about is struggling to find financial help during the coronavirus, you may feel helpless. But rest assured, there are ways you can lend a hand, even from afar. These resources are specific to those looking for coronavirus relief if they’re unemployed or if they’ve been hit hard financially. You can save your loved one time and ease any stress by passing these resources along to them.

  • Unemployment insurance can help you get on your feet if you’ve lost your job due to unfortunate circumstances.
  • Each province offers different types of unemployment assistance, so browse the unemployment assistance page on and choose your location for specifics.
  • The Labour Program a dedicated COVID-19 page to give helpful information to both employees and employers.
  • The government of Canada has suspended repayments of student loans during this time, and no interest will accrue on any active loans.
  • Restaurant workers are now out of work because of the coronavirus. Our blog post How Restaurant Workers Impacted by Coronavirus Can Get Help can offer an overview of options for service industry workers.
  • For small business owners, this has been a particularly difficult time. Our blog post on coronavirus relief for small businesses is a good jumping-off point for those looking for many different options.

Help parents during COVID-19 by sharing these resources 

Parents across the country are working hard to manage pandemic stress while also navigating the complex world of parenthood at the same time. If you know of parents who could use some ideas on how to care for children during this crisis, you can pass along the following resources.

Support loved ones affected by the coronavirus through fundraising

If you feel like you want to do more for the important people in your life during this stressful time, crowdfunding is a simple way to help remotely. By fundraising for coronavirus relief, you can help individuals and families receive financial assistance right away. Whether government programs are taking too long or the stimulus funds just aren’t enough, fundraising through GoFundMe is an option that countless people have turned to. Sign up to create a fundraiser for someone you love today.

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