Everything You Need to Know About the David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge

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The David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge is the endurance race that has got all fitness enthusiasts talking – but what exactly is it? This running (or walking) challenge doesn’t just put your physical fitness to the test, but your psychological strength as well, as you’re expected to complete four miles every four hours over 48 hours.

But don’t let that intimidate you – the way it’s designed means that no matter if you’re an ultramarathon runner or just want to test yourself with something a bit different, you can. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to raise money!

In this article, we share everything you need to know about David Goggins’ challenge, so you can test your fitness while raising money for a cause close to your heart.

What is the 4x4x48 challenge?

The 4x4x48 challenge is a simple concept that was pioneered by American ultramarathon runner David Goggins. The former Navy SEAL founded the challenge in March 2020 and has since mobilised thousands of people around the world to test their physical and mental strength.

Depending on your level of ability, you either walk or run four miles every four hours for a 48-hour period, which totals 48 miles. It’s challenging not just because of the distance but the mental strength it takes to complete without getting a proper rest.

Yes, you’re not running for the entire 48 miles but you’re not sleeping either! It’s a brilliant challenge and it means you can take it at your own pace. It’s simple to follow so you can complete it on your own, but it’s also very conducive to a fundraising activity in a team to keep each other going and offer a bit of moral support.

When does the challenge take place?

There is no set date for the David Goggins challenge and it can be done whenever you choose to do it. However, most people take on the challenge in March.

If you want to align your race with the man himself participating, you’ll need to closely follow his Instagram page for updates

How to get through the David Goggins 4x4x48

The 4x4x48 challenge is a gruelling physical endurance test for anyone who decides to attempt it, but the best part is that it is virtual and non-competitive. This means that you can complete the challenge at your own pace. 

David Goggins himself advises non-runners to modify the challenge to suit their ability, for example, by walking or jogging for 45-60 minutes of each four-hour leg.

If you do decide to take on the full challenge, you will be covering a huge distance, so many people do some form of training before the actual event.

Here are some tips for how to get through the challenge on the day.

Create a virtual race playlist

Music is a great motivator, so selecting some of your favourite songs to listen to during your virtual race might be the difference between pushing you forward at a challenging point and losing momentum. Create a special motivational playlist for your 4x4x48 challenge to get inspired.

Make it fun

While a virtual challenge may not have the supportive crowds, sound systems and water stations that characterise a typical race, it doesn’t mean you should shirk on pomp and ceremony. Undertaking your 4x4x48 challenge in fancy dress, creating a theme or erecting a ‘finish-line’ ribbon can all add to the sense of occasion. 

Share photos with other participants or arrange a celebratory video chat to toast your achievements. Awarding prizes for the best outfit or best time is another way to generate some healthy competition.

Stay hydrated

It’s vital you stay hydrated during your challenge. Ensure you factor in water breaks to keep your body operating at peak performance – and don’t forget to stretch after completing to help your body recover.

How to fundraise for 4x4x48

The challenge was originally created to encourage people to raise funds for charity. Goggins encouraged participants to pick a charity or a cause that was close to their hearts and start fundraising. 

Find out how to successfully raise money for your worthy cause by following the advice below.

Find the right cause for you

If you’re not sure about which charity or cause you want to support, start with some general interests, such as helping animals, children, or communities in need. The number of causes out there is almost endless and organisations of all sizes may need your help.

Struggling for inspiration? Check out charity fundraisers on GoFundMe, so you can find a cause you’re passionate about. By choosing a cause that resonates with you, you’ll be more motivated to raise as much money as possible, and finish the 4x4x48 challenge without breaking a sweat (we can’t guarantee the latter).

Launch a crowdfunder

Once people know that you are crowdfunding, they are going to need somewhere to donate to. Launching a GoFundMe online is a great way to collect donations, as you can create a fundraiser in a matter of minutes after signing up. 

Here are some key tips to remember when crowdfunding online:

  1. Let people know that you are fundraising: Once you have decided on your charity, the best way to raise funds is to let as many people as possible know about it. What better way to do this than to post on your social media networks? Use X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to reach out to your friends and family and ask for their support.
  2. Remember to personalise your campaign: Once you have signed up, you can personalise your fundraiser by adding a picture and a description about it, explaining who or what it is for. This gives you a good opportunity to make it fun and stand out from similar campaigns.
  3. Set a goal: Setting a fundraiser goal is a good way of giving people something to aim for. If you haven’t decided yet, set a rough goal – you can always adjust it later.
  4. Get your money to your charity: You can select your chosen charity from a drop-down menu when you set up your campaign. Once you have selected a charity, all the money raised, including 100 per cent of gift aid, will automatically be sent to that charity as part of your charity collections. It is a good idea to say in your description why you have chosen to raise funds for your chosen charity and what it means to you, either as an individual or a company.

Start your 4x4x48 fundraiser today

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Written by Ved Khan