Morocco Earthquake relief: How to Help

A powerful earthquake has hit Morocco, just outside the city of Marrakesh, with at least 2,000 people dead and many more injured. The GoFundMe community is coming together to help those affected. Donate to verified Morocco earthquake fundraisers today to help people rebuild and recover. Our Trust & Safety team will continue to update this page with more fundraisers as they are verified. 

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Every fundraiser on this page has been verified by our Trust & Safety experts. 


Your donation goes right to the people and communities affected by this event.


You’re covered by the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee—our money-back donor protection guarantee. 

Verified fundraisers for people affected by the Morocco Earthquake

Donate to one of the verified fundraisers below to help the individuals and families affected. 

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    Here are three fast and safe ways you can help people in Morocco

    1. Donate to a verified fundraiser that supports relief efforts. Our Trust & Safety team has verified the fundraisers on this centralized hub and will continue to add verified fundraisers to it as more become available.
    2. Start a certified charity fundraiser for a verified organisation providing critical support to those affected by the earthquake in Morocco.
    3. Start an individual fundraiser for a friend or family member in Morocco.

    While we accept donations worldwide, only people in supported countries can start fundraisers for their friends and family members in Morocco. Since GoFundMe cannot send funds directly to Morocco at this time, you will be personally responsible for withdrawing the funds and transferring them to your beneficiary in Morocco. Click here to learn more about these requirements

    If you’re fundraising for loved ones in Morocco our Trust & Safety team will work with you to understand the delivery of funds to your beneficiary. To help our team complete this process quickly, please include the following in your fundraiser description:

    • Who you’re raising money for
    • Where your beneficiary is located
    • How they will use the funds raised
    • How you will deliver funds to your beneficiary