Donate to Afghanistan Relief Efforts

Escalating violence is contributing to an increasingly alarming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

To help, donate to verified Afghanistan relief fundraisers. Join GoFundMe in supporting a range of crucial needs, including emergency relocation, medical aid, and more.

Verified fundraisers providing crucial humanitarian aid

Our Trust & Safety team is diligently reviewing each fundraiser started for Afghanistan relief efforts and communicating directly with the organizers to ensure that funds are delivered safely and securely to the intended beneficiary. The fundraisers below have been verified accordingly.

Afghanistan Relief Fund

By providing grants to certified charities and nonprofits in Afghanistan, offers quick relief to those who need it most. Donations will directly benefit Afghan civilians affected by the humanitarian crisis.

Urgent Crisis Relief for Afghanistan 2021

In response to the crisis in Afghanistan, Toronto’s Children Without Borders has started a fundraiser for those impacted. Donations made towards this fundraiser will go towards internally displaced families throughout Afghanistan.

Displaced people in Afghanistan

The people of Afghanistan continue to leave their homes in droves, seeking refuge in areas outside of Kabul. Ummah Nabawiah Afghan Children’s Charity (UNACC) is supporting these people by giving them access to basic necessities.

Afghan Refugee Resettlement Fund

As Canada begins to offer resettlement to thousands of refugees who have fled the violence and upheaval in Afghanistan, volunteers are stepping up to help with the resettlement process. A fundraiser was created to help provide families with clothing, furniture, food, supplies and more.