Backing Australians In Need This Year

2020 has been tough. Australians have turned to GoFundMe in record numbers to back one another in their time of need.

From supporting bushfire victims, to small businesses impacted by COVID-19 closures, any beyond. Millions of donations were distributed into the heart of communities that need it most.

If you or someone you know is in need, GoFundMe can help.

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After the Black Summer Bushfires, drought, flooding, and now COVID-19 putting more at risk, Australians gave back in 2020 more than ever before.  Australians even rank fourth on the Global Giving Index.

Australia is now one of GoFundMe’s fastest-growing giving communities in the world, with millions of donors and campaign organisers helping each other by supporting GoFundMe fundraisers. You could be the next to benefit from this inspiring giving network.

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