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Students in their last semester studying Film at TAFE and SAE are required to write a script, pitch it in front of a board of industry professionals and, if chosen, direct the film with a crew. These films are not funded by the school, so if you’re passionate about independent film and want to support inspiringly creative students, this is the place for you.

Read on to get inspired yourself, support students in their craft, or start a fundraiser to produce your own film.


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Are you a Film student at TAFE or SAE? After reading our guide to fundraising, you can get started here.



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To help students dreams come true and projects come to life, select a fundraiser below that speaks to you.

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    Where does the money go?

    GoFundMe’s Trust & Safety team has verified the fundraisers listed and will continue to add verified fundraisers to this page as more become available. By donating to any of the students’ fundraisers, you will help dreams come to life. Donations generally go towards building sets, hiring actors, and more, but please read fundraiser descriptions for specific details about where your money will go. 

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