5 Charities that protect nature and wildlife


Australia has incredible natural places and wildlife found nowhere else on earth. There are many ways people are fundraising to help protect our natural wonders, our native animals and trying to conserve pristine pockets of the environment.

There are so many threats to wildlife and Australia’s wilderness including back to back natural disasters, the impacts of climate change and rising costs of living all taking a toll. It’s never been so important to protect nature, wildlife, farm animals and even family pets.

Here are some charities doing amazing work to protect nature, wildlife and more!

Help Build the Northern Rivers Wildlife Hospital

The Northern Rivers is one of the most biodiversity rich areas in Australia. Many animals native to the region, already threatened with extinction, were heavily impacted by flooding, which highlighted an overwhelming need for a Wildlife Hospital in the Northern Rivers.

The site is secured and we are ready to build the hospital; construction is scheduled to commence in 2023. All contributions will help!

Support WWF

WWF has been a leading voice for nature for more than half a century, working in 100 countries.

WWF partners with governments, businesses, communities and individuals to address a range of pressing environmental issues. Our mission is to create a world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature. WWF-Australia prioritises conserving biodiversity in Australia and throughout the Oceania region.

Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital Fund

Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre provides free emergency vet services to injured, ill or orphaned wildlife at our Centre in Plympton. We take in wildlife with the aim of rehabilitation and release working closely with other rescue and conservation groups. We also participate in a wide variety of educational programs for students, carers, veterinary students and the public.

Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue Perth

We are a Dog Rescue based in the Perth Metro area, run totally by volunteers and funded by donations. All of our dogs are placed in foster homes in the metro area until they are adopted. We are committed to saving as many dogs from pounds as possible.

We have hundreds of foster carers all over Perth who care for the dogs until they are ready to move to their forever homes.

Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia supports over 5,000 groups and 100,000+ volunteers with landcare projects that are focused on sustainable land management practices and environmental conservation. Landcare groups include Traditional Owners, Bushcare and ‘Friends of’ groups, Coastcare, Dunecare and Rivercare groups, Landcare facilitators and coordinators, youth groups and other community groups involved in protecting, enhancing or restoring their local environment.