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As the Black Lives Matter Australia movement continues to fight for equality and close the health, education and wellness gap, many Indigenous Australians are still facing inequality at the hands of the justice system. It is reported that 432 Indigenous Australians have died in custody since 2001. The majority of cases are ongoing. With no justice was sought, families of the deceased continue their fights today.

This page acts as a centralised hub for those looking to support the Black Lives Matter movement in Australia. The movement aims to seek justice for those who died in police custody and advocate to close the equality gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.

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How you can support the Black Lives Matter movement in Australia

It’s more important now than ever to help fight for the rights of Indigenous Australians, no matter your background.

Great strides have been made to close the gap but as a nation, we’re still a long way off equality. Recent attention about the divisions and inequalities between, black, white and native citizens around the world has put equality for all at the forefront of government and policy maker’s minds. Now is the time to take action and progress towards more inclusive societies that embrace diversity.

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