GoFundMe Providing Support for Afghanistan

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We are devastated by the heartbreaking humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan and remain committed to helping those impacted.

Due to Taliban control, GoFundMe can no longer transfer money directly to an individual in Afghanistan or release funds that will be transferred to an individual in the country. This means that before a new fundraiser related to the Afghanistan crisis can be launched, our Trust and Safety team must review it to ensure it’s compliant with US and international laws. This also means we have had to place some existing fundraisers under review. Please know, this is not a policy specific to GoFundMe—it is based on laws and global financial regulations that we must abide by.

We understand that each fundraiser created is intended to help those in need. However, given the complexity of this situation, we must be certain that we are acting in compliance with all laws and regulations, protecting fundraiser organisers and donors, and doing all we can to ensure money raised is going to the right people. 

Briefly delaying fundraising is frustrating for all of us. Our global Trust and Safety team is working to review fundraisers and the diligence required takes a minimum of four hours per fundraiser to complete.

If we find a fundraiser doesn’t comply, we will reach out to the organiser and collect additional information to aid in our review. Once this is complete, we will reach out to the organiser and share our findings. We understand this is an incredibly difficult and complicated situation. Providing aid to those in need continues to be our top priority. 

Here’s a simple way to help

Raising money for a verified nonprofit is the quickest way to support the Afghan people. If you choose to raise money for a verified nonprofit, your fundraiser will be quickly approved and you can begin fundraising immediately. A few verified organizations that we recommend are:

  • Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders Australia
  • Australia for UNHCR
  • Baba Mazari Foundation Australia
  • Concern Worldwide

Additionally, you can donate to or share the GoFundMe.org Afghanistan Relief Fund, which provides grants to verified nonprofits working to support those affected by this humanitarian crisis.

Thank you for taking action to help Afghan citizens in need. We’re constantly inspired by the kindness of our community. With you, we are committed to supporting those affected by the crisis in Afghanistan. 

Written by samle