Support The Fight To Cure Childhood Cancer In Australia

Please help us make this the last generation to die from cancer.

While thousands of families turn to GoFundMe to fundraise the unforeseen costs of looking after a sick child – from loss of wages, relocating to be near specialists, or treatment – researchers are working hard to put an end to childhood cancer in Australia all together.

It is only through research that the fight will be won. Help fund childhood cancer research today.

Donate to childhood cancer research

How you can support finding a cure for childhood cancer


Fundraise for childhood cancer research

You’ve decided to fundraise to fight childhood cancer in Australia. Now decide how you want to ask for money. Why not dedicate your birthday, or set yourself a charity challenge in return for donations?


Donate to fund childhood cancer research

Help fund a childhood cancer researcher, donate to help make this the last generation to die from cancer.


Donate to help families fighting childhood cancer

Thousands of Australian families turn to GoFundMe to help with out of pocket medical expenses every year. You can read their stories below.