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My two twin friends have Friedreich's Ataxia and their single mom is really struggling. I am starting this charity to collect money to help pay for expenses. Some friends of stu... more


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The donations are coming in at such a faster rate than I ever expected! :D Thank you to everyone for the generous donations, let's keep them coming in for these extraordinary boys! (:


Created by Andrew Brown on April 8, 2013

My two twin friends have Friedreich's Ataxia and their single mom is really struggling. I am starting this charity to collect money to help pay for expenses.

Some friends of students attending Freedom High School have banned together to help raise money for the senior twin brothers at the school that are wheelchair bound, and suffer from Friedreich's ataxia. Both are graduating on June 5th! Money is starting to roll in from the students, but it will take some community effort to see this through. This is a cause worth donating to and gives hope that this graduating class cares for those less fortunate than themselves, and want to help their fellow classmates. Lucas (right) & Sergio (left) Neves are the students in need of transportation for their new electronic wheelchairs. They were both born with this disorder, but became wheelchair bound in 5th and 7th grades individually. Lucas suffers more than Sergio, but neither will ever be able to get around without chairs. 


Some kids that grew up together are about to graduate high school, but they're especially worried about two of their classmates who desperately need help.

"They have a very rare disease, called Friedreich's Ataxia," Andrew Brown explains.  

Twins Lucas and Sergio Neves share the neurological disease which has left them wheelchair bound.   Andrew organized a Facebook fundraiser, so that they may have a new van in which to travel, after the old one broke down and quit running. 

"I have a lot of friends that are helping me," he said.  "We made these t-shirts, 'Donate For Wheels."

Single mom Irma Neves said it has been challenging trying to work and care for her twin boys. 

"Insurance is not covering the vehicle," said Irma, adding that while Medicaid plans to provide new electric wheelchairs, finding a car to carry them is their own responsibility.  "When God deals you these cards with two boys that are handicapped, it makes life a little more challenging." 

Challenging, because this disease will eventually lead to heart failure, but Irma has faith.  "Keep a positive attitude no matter what comes our way."

It touched her heart when she found out students wanted to step in, saying, "It made me cry, because it made me realize that they're very lucky boys, that they have really, really good friends."

Sergio and Lucas agreed.  "My friends are unbelievable for doing this," said Lucas.  "It makes me feel a lot better, knowing we have all these friends who really care about us," Sergio added. 

Andrew realizes that time is of the essence.  "By graduation to have the money raised, that would be great."And once the money is raised, these students plan to take another turn by helping someone else, "We're gonna try and continue this on and help other families going through this."

Administrators at Freedom High School are collecting the money and will present a check to Lucas and Sergio on graduation day next month.  People interested in donating should visit: (LIKE) or (Donate Online). They need $40,000 for a new van.

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more to come soon!




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11 months ago


This story was very touching to my wife and I. We have a mobility company in Houston, Texas. We would love the opportunity to help your children. Feel free to contact us at: 832-795-3904. Sincerely, Kenny & Amber Valdez



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Kimberly Bell

12 months ago


Wishing the boys and all their supports the very best of life. Thanks for all that you have done to enrich the lives of those around you.



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