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Our friend Earl "Bubba" Maddox is battling colon cancer and needs our help. Doctors found a 9cm mass in his colon shortly after Memorial Day, and they need to shrink it before they can... more


Updated posted by Tim Lathrop 13 months ago

It is with great sadness I must tell you that Earl passed away peacefully at 2:20 this afternoon, March 17. He was with family and friends and as comfortable as possible. Thanks to everyone for all you did; wish the outcome had been different but he fought a good fight.


Updated posted by Tim Lathrop 13 months ago

Hello friends.
The latest news is that Earl is now in hospice care at home. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who did everything you could.
I know this is not the outcome we hoped for, but be assured that time and time again Earl has told me to thank every one of you, and that he loves you all.
Please keep him in your thoughts as he walks the last mile.


Updated posted by Tim Lathrop 14 months ago

Slim and I went to visit Earl today. He's at home and as comfortable as possible. He's not up for visits or phone calls but if you want to send messages through this page I'm sure he would appreciate it.
I wish I had better news to report, but he's got it pretty rough right now. Please keep Earl in your thoughts as he fights this hard, hard fight. Thanks again for all your support.

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Created by Tim Lathrop on August 6, 2012

Our friend Earl "Bubba" Maddox is battling colon cancer and needs our help.  Doctors found a 9cm mass in his colon shortly after Memorial Day, and they need to shrink it before they can operate.  Chemotherapy was unsuccessful as Earl is allergic to the drugs; they hope that radiation therapy will reduce the mass to an operable size.

Earl was about to film a specially written part for Quentin Tarantino in "Django Unchained" when this disease made it impossible for him to work.  He is receiving care at the Tulane Medical Center and could really use our help with the mounting bills of his treatment, not to mention daily expenses.

Earl has always helped others by playing in benefits or lending a helping hand with hard work.  For those of you who remember Greg Smalley, Earl was one of his primary caregivers during Greg's long battle with AIDS.

He's a tough sonofabitch and will beat this thing with our help.  Please donate what you can.


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Earl, unfortunately I never got to meet you. I'm a friend of AJ and Judith from the Netherlands, who have hosted a house show for you and your friend Grayson Capps over at their place some time ago. Recently Grayson was back at their house for another show, this time with Corly Hughes. It was 5 or 6 days after you passed away, and Grayson was clearly still very emotional about this. We all had a shot of absynth in memory of you, and after that Grayson and Corky played "Drink a little poison 'for you die" , to which we all sang along. It was a good moment. R.I.P., Earl.

posted by Hans de Heer 12 months ago

Earl, just joining your dear friends and loved ones sending comfort and love to you and reminding you how many lives you've touched over your wonderful years

posted by Michael Cerveris 13 months ago

love you, Earl. always have, always will.

posted by Dana Embree 13 months ago

Thinking of you so much, Earl. We are holding you in our hearts and sending strength your way.

posted by Claire French 14 months ago

Thanks for the update Tim. I've been wanting to call or visit. My brother Tommy was lucky enough to talk to our friend Earl last month and gave me some updates. Hope things are going as well as possible for you Earl. We all miss you and are thinking of you.

posted by Paul Kern 14 months ago

You have been in my dreams lately. Sending you love and light.

posted by Jillian Kreiner 14 months ago

Tim, get in touch with me about 2nd benefit

posted by David Eidler 18 months ago

I talked to him yesterday and he was, indeed, in high spirits. Earl is looking forward to seeing y'all and having us (among others) meet you. See you this weekend, safe travels.

posted by Elyse Hackett 19 months ago

Oh, Earl! Sending good juju your way dear heart. Keep strong.

posted by Dorothy Smith 19 months ago

The Dude of Earl. He's never been anything but nice to me...how can I turn down this opp to be nice to him?! xo

posted by Anita French 19 months ago

Thank you so much for doing this, I just spoke to Earl and his spirits were higher than I've heard in two weeks, I am certain to have y'all rally behind him is the reason. And, of course the money helps too. But really I think it's the love that you conveyed to him when you told him what's going on. He is one of my best friends and as you say, he'd do anything he can to help a friend and that's what we all need to do for him. Thanks again.

posted by Elyse Hackett 20 months ago

I just spoke to Earl and he is leaving the hospital today. His reaction to the chemo drugs burned his esophagus badly but he's able to eat applesauce. Earl, through tears, said to thank everyone for their help and to send his love.

posted by Tim Lathrop 20 months ago

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Jen Bennett

13 months ago


Donating in memory of Greg Smalley.



Cecil Lawrence

15 months ago


Thinking of nothing but great times with you, Bubba. Hang tough, as I know you will. Nothing but good will to you and supplication to the Man upstairs. Yer buddy, Cecil



Amy Le Blanc

15 months ago


Earl--we saw "Django" and loved it, but missed you in it. Dancin' for you this season, sweet man.



phil anderson

15 months ago



Dave Weil

15 months ago



steve hurlburt

15 months ago



John Robinson

15 months ago



Doug DeLoach

15 months ago


Healing karma incoming.



Victor Johnson

15 months ago



Tommy Kern

15 months ago


I miss you Earl! It seems like yesterday, we were enjoying a few beers together at The Star Community Bar and the Wrecking Bar Brewpub. What you have been going through ever since simply sux! I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and pulling for you. I just might have to visit you later this month and catch some of the filming for your new movie with Patterson Hood. I will also be on the lookout for the opening of Parker on January 25th. Love, Tommy.


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