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Elijah Gauthier will be 1 year old on August 15, 2012. The first year of life has been trying as it began with a rough start. After a very prolonged and difficult labor Elijah was delive... more


Updated posted by Leah Gauthier 3 months ago

Please help Elijah reach his goal! Family is raising money to help pay a one to one (personal care attendant) Thank you and God bless


Updated posted by Leah Gauthier 8 months ago

Elijah celebrated his 2nd Birthday!!! Yay Elijah!!! This has been a very busy year for him. His in-home therapies which include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vision therapy and developmental therapy increased this year to 7 visits Monday through Friday. He also began Hippotherapy every other Saturday, which is horseback riding lessons under the supervision of a physical therapist. He also began at Spaulding Rehabilitation for outpatient physical therapy which is once/week, speech therapy and occupational therapy. As far as progress...he is still working very hard on sitting. He is unable to sit at this time. He is still unable to crawl or roll. Elijah has use of his left arm although the dystonia (involuntary muscle movements) makes grasping and reaching very difficult. He is still unable to communicate verbally. He received a feeding tube in November due to aspiration, despite the very long road of attempted oral feedings. He is currently given feeding opportunities daily and is taking about 1-3 teaspoons per day! (You rock Elijah!!)

Just in the past year, your donations have allowed Elijah to have a personal care attendant to do his stretches and therapies during the hours his Mom is working. Donations have also contributed to hotel stays for his parents while he has had several hospitalizations this year at Children's Hospital in Boston. Also, for gas money, for weekly drives to appointments in Lexington, Waltham and Boston. Donations have also purchased learning materials from the Brain Injury Institute, which he enjoys very much! Your donations have also made it possible for Elijah to get adaptive equipment (thousands of dollars worth) which greatly improves his quality of life.

What a busy year it has been...Elijah is an amazing gift to the world, he has a smile that melts hearts. Your donations, prayers and support have made a HUGE impact on our family.

Please share Elijah's story with others so that continued donations are possible...We are doing EVERYTHING it takes to help our son. God Bless, Love the Gauthier's


Updated posted by Leah Gauthier 10 months ago

Yesterday Elijah was discharged from Children's Hospital. He spent 3 long days there but is now home and still not feeling well. He continues to have difficulty breathing. His body is fighting 2 separate viruses. Thankfully no further seizures and he is working his way toward being his smiley self again! Thanks again for your support!

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Created by Leah Gauthier on August 4, 2012

Elijah Gauthier will be 1 year old on August 15, 2012. The first year of life has been trying as it began with a rough start. After a very prolonged and difficult labor Elijah was delivered c-section. He took his first breath at 2 and a half minutes and developed seizures shortly thereafter. He has moderate to severe brain injury from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. He was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy at Boston Children's Hospital, where most of his medical care is provided. Although he will be turning 1 very soon he is unable to sit, stand or crawl. He continues to have difficulties holding his head up. Because the brain injury affected both sides of his brain, Elijah has weakness on both sides of his body. All four limbs are affected including his core. It is difficult for him to move his muscles due to uncoordinated muscle movements and spasms. He is also legally blind. Elijah receives therapy services in the home 4-5 times a week. He is determined, motivated and very, very lovable. He is the sweetest baby and loves to smile.

A fund raiser is being held in Elijah's name in effort to pay for medical expenses and expensive medical equipment he needs not otherwise covered by insurance. His parents are also going to use the money toward educational supplies from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential ( which will benefit Elijah's outcome. Any resources will also be used for therapies, treatments, copays, prescriptions, etc...

As parents we would like to give Elijah the best life possible, thank you for your generous donations.

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We love Elijah and send you lots of prayers.


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