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Hi, I am Michael Ramsey, husband and father of 4 beautiful daughters.  They are 20, 17, 12 and 9 months old.  I have just swallowed every bit of pride I have to ask for help. I am di... more


Updated posted by Mike Ramsey 16 months ago

Thanks so much. We are still struggling. We have had some bright spots but getting a job for my wife seems like an impossible mission. She has applied all over this area and just nothing still. Interviews and call backs but no jobs. They seem to not want to hire her as a waitress because they want young hotties and she is now 40. Still hot but bars are picky it seems. We had to pay for some medical expenses, 3 of my daughters got sick in the same week. All had to go to the doctor. The little one, Paige, was very close to the hospital. She had to do to the doctor 3 days in a row and had RSV. All we really need one more push to get us to our tax refund. That will open up doors with a better car and more area to job hunt. It is tough getting a job when our area is so limited. The car we have leaks oil and is just not trustworthy for more than maybe 10 miles. Ok, just wanted to give an update. Right now we are behind $250 on rent, have to pay $120 to electric and $30 to water. Jan 1st is the bad day. We will need $500 more to go with my social security to pay rent. Christmas, well it will have to wait until we get our refund. I know the kids will understand but it still stinks. Love you all and thank you all so very much. We would be homeless right now if it was not for the great people that have helped us out.


Updated posted by Mike Ramsey 16 months ago

Thank you Randy, I sent you an email but my words cannot explain how much that really means to us.


Updated posted by Mike Ramsey 16 months ago

I also have to say the numbers from the original post are not accurate. Basically it has been almost 2 months and the donations received have all went straight to our landlord. We are $400 behind right now and December 3rd is the due date for another rent. Tomorrow, my wife is going to hit every bar/restaurant and pretty much any place to try and get hired. She has already done this once but a follow up cannot hurt. We just have to get to late January in one piece. Our tax refund is normally a good amount and that will afford us a car that will widen my wife's job search. Until then, we just wish for a job for her. I have been trying to get accepted to some places online to do some tying/article writing. They are very slow responding and I have been turned down by the few that did respond. Times are tough, we love you all and as always if you can afford to loan us any amount of money we will sign a contract or whatever you need and pay you back late January when we get our tax refund. My address is 13410 Pecan Oak Drive, Houston, Tx 77065 if you want to help by sending something, anything. My email is ramseymichael@sbcglobal.net if you want to contact me for anything. Well wishers are always welcomed!

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Created by Mike Ramsey on July 26, 2012

Hi, I am Michael Ramsey, husband and father of 4 beautiful daughters.  They are 20, 17, 12 and 9 months old.  I have just swallowed every bit of pride I have to ask for help.

I am disabled, I have been for almost 10 years.  I have severe agoraphobia.  I do not leave the house but to go to the doctor.  I have anxiety attacks, night panic and doctors have been able to do nothing to help.  I have felt helpless for years and have left a huge burden upon my wife to be the major provider for our family.

My wife, Amber, has done a good job of keeping us barely above water for years.  She has no family.  Her father abandoned her when she was very young and her mother left her when she was 13.  In 20 years together, I have only met an Uncle of hers. She just turned 40.  She had been working at a water service company as a night dispatcher for the last 4 years.  We had some financial problems and lost our last residence about a year ago.  We moved in with my parents for six months and then my sister for 3 more months.  We managed to save enough to move into a modest rental home on July 1st.  The very next day, my wife was laid off from her job.  I applied for unemployment and she started looking for another job immediately.  The unemployment was denied and the appeal was denied.  
Amber got a job at Babes for a few months but it was so trashy the cops raided it and it is now closed down.  Amber got sick 4 weeks ago and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  She was in the hospital for 4 days and came home but missed over 2 weeks of work while she was still at Babes trying to waitress.  She went looking for a job and got hired at a Sports Bar and was supposed to start this week.  Unfortunately, she has been sick the last week again.  So she still has not worked but 1 day in a little over a month.  Her first day at her new job she had to leave after 2 hours because she was having a hard time breathing.  Today, October 20th, she was taken away in an ambulance and admitted to Cy Fair Hospital again with pneumonia.  We are behind in rent from last month by $300 and the new one on the 1st is coming fast.  Our landlord called yesterday and is not happy.  At this moment we have $27 dollars to our names.  I get $550 on the 3rd.  We need around $1200-1500 to survive.  That is diapers, rent, gasoline, food and the minimum to get us caught up so we do not face eviction.  I am not asking for a penny extra.  Our budget is tight, no cable tv, no partying, nothing really.  

So here I am asking for help from anyone who can.  I am not sure what else to do.  I really have nobody to go to for help.  My parents live dollar to dollar.  We are actually using their car right now because ours is sitting in the driveway with a flat tire, a bad starter and a water leak.  Bad luck follows us it seems and this family needs a break.  Please help if you can.  Any money received will go to rent and the things mentioned.  If you can loan any of it until February I will pay you back when our tax return comes.  We are hopeful my wife will get well and back to work asap but time is not our friend right now.  We have already lived with all the family we have.  If we do not pay the rent we will likely lose the one house we were lucky enough to rent.  I love you all and thank you for listening, I am not the type of person that asks unless I have no choice.  


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15 months ago



Jeff Roberts

15 months ago


Mike, I hope this donation helps out, I've been meaning to send you something for a while, just keep forgetting. I know of you from Statfox (cowboy24l20) and know your story. I wish the best for you and you're family in the upcoming months. Thanks for your posts on Statfox, you do a great job there. Merry Christmas



Jason Giachino

16 months ago


May better fortunes shine upon your family's future.....KCCO



Craig Winn

16 months ago


Hope it helps... (threegs)



prime time

16 months ago


its not much, but i hope it helps. (primetime21)



Ken Christy

16 months ago




16 months ago


Good luck from the den



Brian Maslowski

16 months ago


Continuing to monitor and help when I can.



Randy Berther DRB

16 months ago


Been there praying this helps!



Brit Fisher

17 months ago


from a foxden friend and his family (hawkeyechet)


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