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Sometimes you have to fight to make good things happen. exists to Win Love for the millions of men, women, and children around the world who are affected by human trafficking... more


Updated posted by Andrew James Wallace 8 months ago

I am so blessed to be in lives of allot of amazing people!! Words fail me. So thank you thank you thank you! We are now over our goal!! The amount of love is overwhelming. In the words of Bob Goff. "We make small things with our hands. God makes huge things with our hearts." Thank you again for your heart. Today is big. Today we winlove together.


Updated posted by Andrew James Wallace 8 months ago

Thanks to an offline donation we are now over half way to our goal! Getting amped! Thank you again to all y'all's making dreams reality.


Updated posted by Andrew James Wallace 8 months ago

Excited to talk with Sara Crowe from the Polaris Project and combine our efforts to WinLove! Thanks to your contributions we will be able to handout stickers with the Polaris human trafficking hotline!!

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Created by Andrew James Wallace on July 17, 2013

Sometimes you have to fight to make good things happen. exists to Win Love for the millions of men, women, and children around the world who are affected by human trafficking.

On August 22nd, Andrew, Matthew, and Jesse will be leaving Cape Flattery Trail, Washington on a two and a half month 4,267 (give or take) mile bicycle ride to Virginia Beach, Virginia. We'll be riding through Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and many other areas affected by human trafficking. We’ll be gathering stories from justice advocates, survivors,family members, friends, and even those who have profited from the sale of others.

We believe most people do care and want to do something about the issue of human trafficking. Sometimes, we are held back from action. Maybe we don't have the knowledge. Maybe we haven't been given the opportunity. Other times our inspiration is quenched by the enormous negativity of the problem.

Our goal is to promote awareness by creating a raw documentary style film of the life changing stories we gather, supplemented with our personal experience of life on a bicycle. Through these stories of victory we can increase our knowledge, find the opportunity, and gain the inspiration needed for action.

We choose to ride because when we are on our bikes, we feel alive. And without the insulation of regular comfort, or the fast pace of motorized life, we have an opportunity to see and feel the different cultures of the United States and the effects of human trafficking on a unique and more personal level.

Here are a few ways for you to get involved:
-Ride with us when we're in your area.
-Share this video or GoFundMe page with your social networks.
-Partner with us financially to help ensure the success of our journey and film project.
-Stay up to date at to see where we're at and other ways to be involved.

$3,000 may not seem like enough to support three guys for three months of living off our bikes-- that’s the truth. Right now we have enough to survive, and we need your support for this journey to have the best possible outcome. Our fundraising goal is to have what we need for film production, the flexibility to pay for interviews, help others along the way, and cover any emergencies we may encounter (i.e. shredded tires, bent wheels, or

broken bones).

Thank you for being part of our journey. Alone, we are small. Together, we will Win Love one bike ride at a time.

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Loving all the donators' energy and enthusiasm!

posted by Julie Linn 8 months ago

This sounds fantastic! I'm a pedal-powered Idahoan, so if you come this way it would be great to ride a bit with you! Best of luck (and willpower, good weather, and strength) heading your way.

posted by Hannah Kahlke 8 months ago

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Keith Witherspoon

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Keith Witherspoon

4 months ago (Monthly Donation)


Jesus + Gospel + Salvation =Freedom ; What a Ride!!! See you Brothers in Heaven, thank you for your service. Keith W. Witherspoon, USN




4 months ago



Amy Heidecker

6 months ago


Blessings on you Dewy!! We love what you're doing!!




6 months ago




6 months ago



Jon Pettengill

7 months ago


Because I believe in your cause and I love all things bike... Safe Travels Gents



Idaho Coalition for Justice

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Tyler Reitz

8 months ago


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