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Have you ever tried to keep a diet even for one day? Were you able to resist and finalize it or you just gave in to the temptation of eating that chocolate? How about not eating chocolat... more


Created by Tina Duncan on July 19, 2012


Have you ever tried to keep a diet even for one day? Were you able to resist and finalize it or you just gave in to the temptation of eating that chocolate? How about not eating chocolate at all for your whole life? How would you live having all the best stuff prohibited because it could be deadly?


Imagine you have to diet all your life because your body says so...because you have a genetic disorder that you cannot correct. No one understands your needs and your behavior; no one understands that it is not something that you choose...only the thought of it can depress you. No one to understand how serious it is and no one to help you manage your body according to its daily needs. Can you imagine that?


There are many children in America who experience these traumas for all their past and future lives living with Celiac disease. They have behavioral issues, neurologic challenges, fear issues or insecurity - all resulting from their bodies' rejection of gluten. These children will become adults with special dietary needs, meaning years of struggling and not fitting in. 


The rest of us see just their weakness. But their special needs mean so much more: it means struggling, fighting temptations, being sick and in the same time staying strong, trying to integrate in the developing modern society and trying to be normal while aware that normal could kill them.

All because we are not able to show them that it is ok to have special needs and that we can reach up to them. 


We have to show them we acknowledge their struggle, we understand them and appreciate their power! We have to show them that we care!


Celiac disease is a genetic disorder affecting children and adults. People with celiac disease are unable to eat foods that contain gluten, which is found in wheat and other grains. In people with celiac disease, gluten sets off an autoimmune reaction that causes the destruction of the villi in the small intestine. People with celiac disease produce antibodies that attack the intestine, causing damage and illness. Nearly 1 out of every 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease, according to a study conducted by the Center for Celiac Research in Massachusetts. 

This campaign is all about these children. We are committed to helping children located in Indiana and the surrounding states by organizing an overnight camp (4 nights/3 days) focused on the gluten free community bringing education, events, a specific food educational program and a series of fun activities for the children to enjoy while they learn how to save their lives. 

We want to give 40 kids the opportunity to experience a different perspective of having special needs. We are preparing a fun-filled "normal" week with peers who have similar dietary issues. The daily program will include team building activities, leadership development, and many activities centered on developing self confidence and dealing with the daily challenges that Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance can create. We will ensure three full meals of delicious gluten-free foods, snacks, and all the camp experiences that create lasting memories.

Having the experience of a amazingly successful previous camp last year, founded through private sponsors we need help in organizing the financials. In order to make this possible we need close to $15,000 in order to secure facility, activity, food and support & instructor costs for this year's edition of "Camp Gluten Freedom".


We invite you to take the opportunity to meet these kids and offer them an experience of a life time. 


Be a sponsor for a child whose life can be quite challenging based on their dietary needs, help us show them we are there and we care!



 "I learned to explain my special needs and now I feel confident in making new friends who won't laugh at me."

                                                                                                                         10-year old girl


"It was great to meet other kids just like me. At times it is frustrating and you think you are the only one."

         12-year old boy


 "I have never been to camp because my mom was always scared, and so was I, that I'd get sick. This gave me the opportunity to experience camp for the first time." 

                                                     10-year old boy


Some of the levels of support are listed below:


1. Camp Supporter - $5 -$50 

2. Individual Child's Hero - $51- $100. 

3. Super Celiac Supporter - $200

4. Captain Cook Club - $500 

5. Awesome Gluten Destroyer - $1,000 

6. We can discus about it $3,000

All supporters will receive drawing from campers.  Payments over $300 will receive a letter from the camper that was sponsored through this donation.  You will be sent additional tokens of the camper’s and Gluten Free Living Now’s appreciation as well as being listed on the website as a supporter or have a link of your choice listed on the site to direct traffic to you and your organization.



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