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Meet Reed... Reed is a four year old dachshund, who was healthy and happy up until recently when he went into the vet to receive his rabies vaccination. Within a few hours of ret... more


Created by Rita Kay Corbin on July 14, 2012

Meet Reed...

Reed is a four year old dachshund, who was healthy and happy up until recently when he went into the vet to receive his rabies vaccination. 

Within a few hours of returning home, Reed had lost the use of his back legs and became partially paralyzed.  When Rita, his loving owner, returned him to the vet to see what may have happened, the veterinarian told Rita that he didn’t think the vaccination caused the paralyzation and offered little help.  Rita then took Reed to a different vet to get a second opinion.  That vet started costly laser treatments, which seemed to be helping with the pain but not helping his problem. 

Finally, Reed lost the use of his front legs as well and Rita feared she may have to put him down.  As a last attempt to save him, she took him to a Chiropractic Veterinarian who started doing acupuncture treatments on Reed.  To everyone’s delight, the treatments seemed to work!  After returning home, Reed regained the use of his front legs and even started barking again.  This new vet said that Reed would not have to be put down and would, in time, hopefully regain use of all four legs J

In the meantime, Reed needs a canine cart, which is a wheelchair to help paralyzed dogs get around and regain their quality of life.  He will also continue acupuncture treatments three times a week. 


About Rita…


Rita is a loving compassionate soul who is stricken with a terrible case of Type I Diabetes.  Her husband was in life changing automobile accident and has since been left with brain injuries.  He can’t be left alone and must be cared for around the clock.  With both of them on disability, the cost of treatments and the canine cart are out of reach, and Rita has been using the grocery money to take Reed to his treatments.


Please Help Reed….


Anyone with an animal knows that giving up your pet or putting a pet down would be a very hard thing to do.  Especially, since Reed is the little angel in Rita’s life that brings her so much joy and hope.  Since Reed’s quality of life is improving and the outcome looks positive, Rita has decided to do whatever she can to get him his treatments and his canine cart.


When I heard this story, being the dog lover that I am, I felt compelled to help Rita and Reed.  I put together this donation page to help Rita raise the money to get Reed the treatments and cart that he needs so his condition will continue to improve. 


I am asking anyone who feels guided, to please help this little dachshund and his loving owner.  Please find it within yourself to donate to this page.  Anything you can give will be a huge help to Rita and to Reed.  All funds will go directly to Rita, so she can get the cart and treatments Reed deserves. 


Vet Bills $365

Laser Treatments $120

Canine Cart $359

Acupuncture Treatments $252

Total = $1096


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21 months ago




21 months ago


This really touched my heart. Praying for a full recovery for Reed.



Diane Lucas Edge

21 months ago


Rita, I hope this will help. You, your family and Reed are in my thoughts and prayers.



Dee Hopkins

21 months ago


sending lots of love and lots of prayers.



Tammy Phipps

21 months ago


Wishing Reed the best!!!



Diana Raboin

21 months ago



Kitt Kelleher

21 months ago


Please go purchase the cart needed for your precious pup. Bless you.




21 months ago



Jennifer Thomas

21 months ago


Heartfelt prayers for Reed, Kay and family xxoo




21 months ago


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