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 Trevor Bates is 18 and was critically injured losing his left leg in a hit and run accident on September 27th at 12:02 p.m.  Trevor was riding his dad's motorcycle and had been to his c... more


Updated posted by Jennie Bates 18 months ago

We are very blessed, today the shower chair and wheelchair were delivered that were donated to us and they even brought food, a prayer blanket and a few other items. We were in need of some bandage supplies and she even had all of that stuff to donate to us as well. It's all the love and support from people we don't even know personally. You all are forever in our hearts and will be our friends forever. We Love each and every one of you who have touched our life in some way during this difficult time.


Updated posted by Jennie Bates 18 months ago

We seen the dentist today about the tooth problem and unfortunately Trevor will have to have a root canal next week on Wednesday so please keep him in your prayers. We will also be going to Miami Valley tomorrow for a visit with the surgeon to see if his leg looks better since the blood clot removal he had yesterday.


Updated posted by Jennie Bates 18 months ago

Our family received the hospital bed last night that was donated and we have been offered a wheel chair and shower chair so we will be making contact to get those items as soon as possible. The medical equipment needs are now fulfilled and if that changes I will let you know.



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Created by Jennie Bates on October 10, 2012

 Trevor Bates is 18 and was critically injured losing his left leg in a hit and run accident on September 27th at 12:02 p.m.  Trevor was riding his dad's motorcycle and had been to his college classes at Sinclair Community College that morning and proceeded to Webster Street in Dayton to have lunch with his Dad.  After having lunch Trevor was headed to work when he was sitting in the left turn lane on Webster Street at Needmore Road in Dayton, Ohio when the driver of a green Pontiac Bonneville turned the corner at a high rate of speed striking Trevor in the left leg and throwing him from the motorcycle.  Trevor came to rest at the curb where he began to shout for help and three people came to his rescue.  Those three individual consisted of two paramedics that were at the intersection and a lady who was in front of him.  Those paramedic called their Harrison Township Rescue house directly and bypassed dispatch therefor having a much faster response time.  Within 4 minutes from the time Trevor left his dads work until the time his dad, James Bates had arrived on the scene was exactly 4 minutes and at that time James says that Rescue personnel were already attending to Trevor.  Trevor was transported to Miami Valley Hospital where his mother, Jennie Bates and his sister Alison met him in the Emergency Room where Trauma Surgeons were already in place and preparing to take Trevor in for an emergency surgery on his left leg.  Surgeons & their staff introduced them selves and told Trevor and I that they were going to have to do surgery to try and stop the bleeding because a main artery had been severed and then they would work to save his leg but that there was a possibility of losing his leg.  James then arrived at the hospital and was informed of the same information.  James, Jennie and Alison all kissed Trevor and hugged him as they wheeled him out to surgery.

The rest of the family and friends arrived at the hospital to wait out the surgery and to hear what was going on with Trevor.  After 3 and a half hours the Surgeon called James and Jennie into the conference room and told them that she had a pulse in Trevor's foot but that there really was not enough leg left to give him proper use of that leg and that she was losing him, his blood pressure was falling quickly and that they had already given him 7 units of blood.  She said if I continue to work on the leg I fear I will lose him and at that time Jennie spoke up and said "We can live without the leg but not with out the child so save my son not the leg."  Jennie then prayed over the surgeons hand and sent her back to work on Trevor as quickly as possible.

Eight hours into the surgery James & Jennie were called back to the conference room and the surgeon said I have stopped the bleeding, he is doing great, his vitals are stable and I took the leg.  The Surgeon then said over the next few days there will be 1 or 2 more surgeries needed to revise the amputation after he is stable enough to go through the next surgery we will be cleaning up the amputation above the knee so that he won't have complications walking with a prosthetic since his knee was destroyed in the accident.  She proceeded to say that Trevor was on life support and that it was doing 100% of the breathing and will do all the breathing until he is finished with the other surgery or surgeries.

On Saturday, September 29th at 8a.m. Trevor went in for that revision surgery and the Surgeon told us that it would take 2 hours.  After an hour had passed the Surgeon came to us and said all went well and that it would be a couple hours before we could see him but that they were going to try and get him breathing on his own after he comes out of the anesthesia. 

After all of this Trevor was able to start breathing on his own within two hours after they started the process of bringing him off the vent with only a little bit of apnea.  Trevor's Tube's and vent were removed by that evening and by 11:00p.m. Trevor was doing so well that they bumped him to the top of the list to be moved out of ICU into the Trauma Unit where he spent the rest of his stay and was released on Wednesday, October 3rd at 1 p.m. 

Trevor & the Family will have many expenses that will not be covered.  The individual that hit Trevor is a repeat criminal and does not have insurance.  The Bates Family and Trevor will be responsible for $20,000 in co-pays, prescription co-pays, travel expenses to and from therapy daily, to and from Dayton 2 times a week for appointments with his surgeon,  regular physician check up's, bandage supplies, Dental visits due to his tooth is now showing signs of damage to the nerve, Trevor's regular bills from no longer being able to work for an indefinite amount of time and other expenses for Trevor's care as they arise.  Trevor's mom, Jennie will also be staying with him to care for him, transport him & give him the Love and support he needs while his dad continues to work hard to provide for the family & their needs as well.

If you can help Trevor & his family in any amount even $1.00 it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use for Trevor's continued care.  The Bates family Thanks You in advance and asks that you continue praying for them during these difficult times.


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Goldi Luebtow

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Trevor,Very happy to hear you are doing so well. You can do this!!! Sending Love, Goldi


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