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WHAT DO   Dr. John Ben (Spiderman Guitar) Butler Alex (SNL Sax) Foster Tony (Bob Dylan Bass) Garnier Marty (voice of Courage the Cowardly Dog) Grabstein Michael... more


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It's been a while since you've heard from me. We still will have T-Ville Cartoon done. It's taking longer than we had planned. I will keep you all posted


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Thank you Fred for supporting One Of A Kind You..means a lot to us.


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Please donate and become part of Tourettaville!

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Created by June Rachelson Ospa on August 27, 2012



Dr. John

Ben (Spiderman Guitar) Butler

Alex (SNL Sax) Foster

Tony (Bob Dylan Bass) Garnier

Marty (voice of Courage the Cowardly Dog) Grabstein

Michael (Sopranos) Imperioli

Ann Marie (Broadway) Milazzo

Martha (Bowie’s Violinist) Mooke

Daniel (Composer) Neiden

Shawn (SNL Drums) Pelton

Lenny (SNL Sax) Pickett


ALL have in common?

They all appear in the animated film 


Once upon a time, my 5 year old son Jon struggled with Tourette syndrome: more commonly known as Tourette's.  The neurologist told him he was "going to experience feelings of alienation."  Jon actually thought he was going to turn into an alien.  TS is an inherited neurological disorder with its onset in childhood, characterized by multiple physical (motor tics and at least one vocal/phonic) tics. These tics characteristically wax and wane, can be suppressed temporarily, and are preceded by a premonitory urge. 

There is no cure.




By June Rachelson-Ospa, Jonathan Ospa, and Daniel Neiden

WELCOME TO TOURETTAVILLE is a story about a boy named Mark Brayne, (a fictional twin for Jon), who discovers he has TS.  Mark travels to the planet Tourettaville, where he comes face to face with aliens Tick, Blinky, Screamer and their leader, the Big Bleeper. The aliens befriend Mark, inspiring him to self-acceptance and a new self-confidence, and sing, "One Of A Kind You."  


Legendary Hall Of Famer and New Orleans music icon DR. JOHN, inspired and moved by Jon’s story, recorded "One Of A Kind You" for him, with the help of an all star band. 



WELCOME TO TOURETTAVILLE won the prestigious VSA Arts Playwright Discovery Award in October 2000, selected by a panel of judges, including Wendy Wasserstein; Marlee Matlin; Jack Hofsiss (director of Broadway's THE ELEPHANT MAN); and film producer, Fred Zollo ("Quiz Show").  The award was presented by Barbara Kennedy Whitten who stated, “The committee was captivated by TOURETTAVILLE…struck by the bold use of humor, music and fantasy to take on sensitive and often painful issues and by doing so, took the audience to new levels of enlightenment and understanding."


Fast forward to 2012.  Jon is attending his third year at a wonderful college. He’s studying film, is a great guitar player and an award-winning writer of plays, and short stories.  TS didn’t stop Jon from pursuing his dreams and becoming a successful, wonderful young man.  And he never did turn into an alien.



Jacob, Jon’s older brother, is animating Dr. John's "One Of A Kind You."   It is close to completion. A graduate of School of Visual Arts, Jake is now a full time animator for Titmouse Studio in NYC where he animates "Superjail!" and "Metalacalypse" for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.



In 2012, the NEW full length version of WELCOME TO TOURETTAVILLE  

went on a successful tour.  It's our wish to tour the musical along with this animated movie, making it available at all performances. 



For post production, mastering and distribution to the Medical Community, Educators, Schools and more.


Please join us and become part of this exciting venture, and be part of making a big difference in the world!

BOZOMOON Productions ( )

Wishes to credit the following people who have furthered this project:

Animation Direction by Jacob Ospa

Directed by Daniel Neiden

Musical Arrangement  by Mac Rebennack

Additional Arrangements/Production 

Charles Czarnecki



(in order of appearance)

Tick...Daniel Neiden

Blinky...Michael Imperioli

Screamer...Marty Grabstein

Mark Brayne…Evan Staffen

The Big Bleeper...Mac (Dr. John) Rebennack

Sax…Lenny Pickett

Bass…Tony Garnier

Drums…Shawn Pelton

Green Singer…Ann Marie Milazzo

Guitar…Ben Butler

Viola…Martha Mooke

M I Studios   Mitch & Ira Yuseph

Storyboards by Don Duga, Jacob Ospa

Animation Cleanup and Color Abbey Pacia, Jen Stefanski, Jacob Ospa

Special thanks: Jerry Ospa, Bill Plympton, Felicia Spano, Atheismo

Popeye the Sailor (SVA folks,

                      Dedicated to the Memory of the wonderful Doc Pomus


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Fred Rohan-Vargas

17 months ago


Looking forward to seeing the completion of "One of A Kind You." It's a great story with a great message. I'm already blown away at how well it's put together at this stage. Proud to be a part of it.



Karen Rousso

17 months ago



Chris & Nikki Bartlett

19 months ago


Looks great! Can't wait to see the finished cartoon.

Silver Level


Phyllis Dubrow

19 months ago


Thanks for the opportunity to participate!


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