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Rockett's Facebook Page Rockett was rescued from the dangerous streets of West Philly by my good friends Anthony & Brianne. After taking him to the vet for his shots and testing they... more


Updated posted by JJ Sereday 18 months ago

Hello again,

Care & I wanted to say another thank you to everyone.

Its hard to believe it has only been two weeks. Last night I stood on the roof of my NYC apartment and was amazed to see a sky full of stars piercing through the light pollution.

Though Rockett's time here is finished his work here has not. I am planning on using his story to help touch the lives of others and promote the saving and adopting of animals in need.

I would also like to send a more personal thank you so if you sent me your mailing address I would really appreciate it. You can send it to either my email or through facebook message.



Updated posted by JJ Sereday 18 months ago

These past two weeks have been among the most challenging of my life. Watching the control of life slip through your hands as someone you love so dearly fights for his life is devastating.

Last night I lost my buddy, my sidekick, my partner in crime. Last night Care and I sent Rockett on his journey to the moon.

There are just some relationships in life that are truly exceptional. We were lucky enough to have Rockett in our lives for exactly one year. In those 365 days he burrowed his way deep into our hearts and connected with us in ways we didn't know were possible. Most of you know Rockett as a silly kitty with a gorgeous face and hilarious personality but he is so much more. I wish you could experience even just a days worth of his love and connection he shared with us.

Rockett loved, comforted, and taught us so many things without saying a word.

We want to again thank everyone for their support in helping us, your kind words and encouragement really helped show how much Rockett meant.

We are thankful that we could share his incredible ability to touch our hearts.

Anyone who has donated and would still like a desk calendar of Rockett be sure to email me.



Updated posted by JJ Sereday 18 months ago

Rockett is home from the vet and the ultrasound results were both good and bad news.

The Bad News: Although it was good to hear that the ultrasound had not found any fluid or tumors (semi good news) Rockett's liver and kidneys are significantly larger then they should be.

This is due to an infiltration of cells to these organs which is common for a FeLV "crisis" in the body and if not already can lead to lymphoma (cancer).

The Good News: There are steps we can take to help Rockett defeat this "crisis." If he wins this round he should return to his normal vacuum loving, skateboard riding, ping pong playing self. That is until the next "crisis."

Right now we have him receiving injections of electrolytes and other hydration fluids daily (at home), he is also taking Prednisolone, herbal medication and neuro-liquids for immune support.

Sounds like a lot but he is a champ and we have high hopes.

We will certainly keep you posted on his status and recovery!

Thanks again.
With love,

JJ, Care, & Rockett


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Created by JJ Sereday on September 27, 2012

Rockett was rescued from the dangerous streets of West Philly by my good friends Anthony & Brianne. After taking him to the vet for his shots and testing they discovered he was infected with Feline Leukemia. Sadly they could not keep him since they already have two cats.

Their initial plan was to give him to a shelter that takes care of FeLV positive cats but after I spent 10 minutes with the little guy I know I would have to take him home.

Living in a brand new apartment we were not "allowed" to have any pets but since when did I follow the rules?! My girlfriend Care & I took him in and even though we knew his health could decline quickly at any time we wanted to give him the best life he could possibly have. 

Every morning waking up to Rockett sleeping at our feet, laying on our faces, sprawled out across our chests, snuggled under my arm, or where ever he decided was his bed for the night - was a blessing.

You see there are two people in this world: Those who like cats and those who don't. Rockett was hard at work bridging the gap - turning non cat people into Rockett lovers. 

This is because Rockett isn't your ordinary cat. His 1/2 cat 1/2 dog qualities make him one of the best companions a person could ever have. He is fun, fearless, wild, yet completely adorable... and he knows it. Instead of being afraid of vacuums he actually loves them and begs for you to hose him down. He loves water-guns and drinking form running water fountains. He enjoys riding skateboards and is the best road trip wingman.

So this is where things get VERY difficult. 

Rockett's FeLV symptoms are continuing to decline and we are unable to pinpoint the actual cause of his pain. We are almost certain it is Lymphoma cancer which is very common for cats with Feline Leukemia but cannot be sure without an Ultrasound and other testing. 

 We are in over our heads with Vet bills and even getting an ultrasound right now is more than we can afford. We have already reached our Care Credit limit. 

If you can find it in your hearts to help we will be able to go for more testing and in return not only help prolong Rockett's awesome life but we will send you a Rockett Calendar upon request as a Thank You. 

As many of you have seen from his pictures, he really is the most adorable looking cat with a personality unlike any we have ever known. He has given me more laughs in the past year then I have had in the past 5. His best buddy dog-like characteristics have stolen my heart and has been more of a friend than many people. I don't think any amount of mental or emotion preparation could make this any easier. I have had pets pass away before poor Rock is only 15 months. 

He has been in such great health that prior to two weeks ago multiple Vets couldn't believe he had FeLV. With his young age and strong heart - we hope and pray he battles through victoriously.

The ultrasound was quoted at $400-500 but there are other costs involved which will add up to about $1000. If it is a tumor then surgery will cost an estimated $1500-3000.

Any help is greatly, GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you.

JJ, Care, and Rockett


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I just put my cat to sleep. They are the best gift we have in this world and should be cherished. I hope the best for Rockett and wish I could donate too. Good luck!

posted by Jenna Malisheski 19 months ago

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19 months ago


Stay Strong & Remember the Love!



Kevin Crichton

19 months ago


Good luck!!! Love you. The Crichton Crew




19 months ago


Rockett, Thoughts and prayers from Vineland and Clementon - get well soon!



Jonathan Clay

19 months ago


This is the sweetest little photo! Here's to a quick recovery and lots of love



Karen Donaldson

19 months ago


I hope this helps.




19 months ago



Ezra Dimalen

19 months ago


Miss you Rockett! Good luck.




19 months ago


best wishes to this precious little kitty. i can tell he's a fighter!




19 months ago



Jimmy McMillan

19 months ago


praise be to rockett.


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