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Gofundme had to remove the photo of Shelby because it is not suitable for the site, if your one of those who needs to see it to believe it before donating, please email teamshelbychurey@... more


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Created by Alexis Clara Kobel on December 5, 2012

Gofundme had to remove the photo of Shelby because it is not suitable for the site, if your one of those who needs to see it to believe it before donating, please email

To all concerning Shelby Churey,


Shelby is a 2-year-old little girl who has huge dreams for herself. She loves to sing and dance, but now it’s hard to see the beautiful smile on her precious face. Recently, Shelby was injured by a pit-bull that ripped half of her face off and damaged her left eye. Shelby was rushed to the hospital after the attack, where she was given a ton of fluids to replace all the blood that was lost. She then was transferred to the local children’s hospital; St Mary’s where she stayed for 10 days. It’s amazing; she is only 2-years old and remembers exactly what happened. Before her first surgery the nurse came in and asked her what happened. Her response “Ice bad boy bit me in face”. When she visits other doctor’s offices she cries and clings onto her parents because she thinks that anyone in uniform will hurt her. That evening she was seen by her plastic surgeon that performed plastic surgery on her face. She then went through another surgery a few days later on her eye to fix two torn tear ducts. Since, she suffered a bad infection because of the bite.


In January Shelby has a scheduled laser surgery, which is not covered through her insurance. This is the first of many surgeries to come, as she will also need to have another laser surgery 6-10 months later. Then about a year after that a skin graft may be necessary to fix the indentation in her cheek from the loss of skin tissue. Friends and Family have been so helpful in doing all that they can. The family can only give so much and are in need of help from others to help this precious little girl. “We are going through a horrible situation and need support.”


Since the accident, Shelby is terrified of anyone in uniform and of dogs. The family currently has a dog, which she feels comfortable with, however when she went with her mother to take the dog to the vet she cried the whole time “mommy dog will bite me again”.  She won’t go on walks; because she’s afraid she will be attacked again by a neighbor’s dog.


As Shelby and her mom walk down the aisles of the grocery store, or even running into a coffee shop, people whisper about her daughter’s face. One woman in line at the grocery store said to her husband “oh my god how can she let her daughter go in public like that and what a bad parent to let something this terrible happen to her child.” She and the family were so upset that someone would even think of saying that, but the world we live in today is so judgmental.


They have been avoiding play areas and places where things may be said by the parents about Shelby’s face, about the family.


As a female these days it seems like it’s all about looks. Shelby’s parents and family now feel that this beautiful little girl will be teased and picked on in the future if they are unable to continue with the plastic surgeries that the surgeon highly recommends. Shelby’s family was told that the sooner that they can do the first laser surgery, the better outcome she has to avoid scarring.


“We just hope that we can find a way to get the help so Joey and Michelle’s daughter will be able to get her surgeries that are needed. We want to give Shelby the best possible outcome.”-Friends & Family


“The worst part for my husband and I, is that her smile is not totally a full smile anymore. It breaks our hearts to see her happy but not be able to capture her smile on camera. When Shelby looks at her self in the mirror she gives herself mean monster faces. She gets upset when she sees her cuts and scars. She won’t let us brush her teeth on the left side because she feels its messed up. She says that her face is mean and that it hurt too bad.”-Michelle Churey (Shelby’s Mother)



An account has been setup for Shelby Churey. You can go into any Bank of America branch to make a deposit. Here is the account number: #898056402697. It is set up for Shelby and ONLY Shelby.



December 29th, 2012 there will be a benefit for Shelby Churey. Bring your kids there will be plenty of activities. More details to follow.


Benny’s Boynton Grill (a.k.a. Benny’s Ice House)

9803 South Military Trail, Boynton Beach, fl 33436.


Lake Clarke Beauty Salon will be hosting Haircuts for Shelby a few days in January. Go into the Salon tell Kimberly Henderson Team Shelby and the money will go to Shelby's cause. Dates will follow.


Lake Clarke Beauty Salon

1777 Florida Mango Rd, West Palm Beach, Fl

Thank you so much for all of the support, prayers and posts.




Shelby’s Family




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Thank you everybody for supporting Shelby, so she is able to get her next few surgeries.

posted by Michelle Joseph Churey 16 months ago

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Merry Xmas Shelby and family. May God bless you and your home.



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God Bless.



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16 months ago


this donation comes from four friends, Janice, Carol, Elaine and Nancy who wish the best for Shelby and see her face shinig in all it's beauty




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16 months ago


Praying for you!



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