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  My children, Gabriel Leonardo Makielski Rivera and Isabel Marie Makielski Rivera, where illegally taken to the Dominican Republic by their mother. An existing court order is in plac... more


Updated posted by Bob Makielski 14 months ago

To James Allen: I have not been able to afford a car, TV or vacation in over 2 years. I will be lucky if I ever will in the future. With 80% of my income going to attorneys’ fees (x2) I just get by paying may remaining debts. Even if it all ended tomorrow, I estimate I will be paying for at least the next 10 years. I used all my vacation for court dates. I am constantly harassed by excessive litigation and I force to arm myself because of threats. Thanks to some of the very few people that have gone to extremes to make sure I take care of myself. The courts look at things concerning parents physical and mental health (Virginia Code § 20-108 & § 20-124.3). I have no regrets because I know everything I do is within my best ability to be an outstanding father to my children. There is no time in my children’s lifetime they should have to suffer from seeing the long term effects of their mother’s abuses on me. It is bad enough that they must to deal with her abuse on their own.


Updated posted by Bob Makielski 14 months ago

Again I am pleading for your help; even a small donation of $5 - $10 is welcome. Although the Court order is written, opposing counsel is failed to sign the order as "seen" for the order to be entered and recorded in the court. There is no reasonable explanation for this behavior. It will require a court date with the ruling judge to get past this "sore looser” syndrome. I thank everyone that has made a financial contribution. Please help stop this unconscionable behavior.


Updated posted by Bob Makielski 15 months ago

The Court also finds that it does not have to give Full Faith and Credit to the finding of the Hague Court and specifically that the Hague Court cannot decide custody; that the wrongful removal of the children does not give the Hague Court a basis to find that the children are settled in the DR; that the Court does not find a risk of grave harm to the children if they are returned to Virginia; that there is no evidence of abuse of the children; that the Hague Court does not have subject matter jurisdiction.

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Created by Bob Makielski on June 26, 2012


My children, Gabriel Leonardo Makielski Rivera and Isabel Marie Makielski Rivera, where illegally taken to the Dominican Republic by their mother. An existing court order is in place detailing custody, visitation, travel, and the U.S. as habitual residence for the children. The mother removed my children from Virginia and took them to the Dominican Republic without my authorization as required by the current custody order. The Culpeper Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court has ordered the mother to return to Virginia with the children, with which the mother has not complied.

To get the Dominican Republic to comply with the US court order the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction process was initiated. It requires an extensive amount of litigation to get a foreign government to comply with a treaty, all which the financial burden falls on me.  There have been a number of hearings on this matter in the Dominican Republic and more are expected. Legal fees have mounted to over $45,000. More fees are expected. In addition there is ongoing litigation brought on by the mother to stall the return process where over $25,000 in legal fees is still unpaid.

I am trying to raise money to cover the legal expenses, documentation fees, expert testimonies, travel fees, and most important a therapy plan for my children. Thank You for your support.


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