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Sarah Hershberger is the 10 year old Amish girl that escaped from the US in Sept. 2013 to avoid hospital demands and court orders to undergo 2 years of experimental chemotherapy against... more


Updated posted by David Michael 3 months ago

All those donating $50 or more were to receive my US Locator e Guide to real food and raw milk. However, I am giving this to all donors. Here is the link

David Michael


Created by David Michael on October 29, 2013

Sarah Hershberger is the 10 year old Amish girl that escaped from the US in Sept. 2013 to avoid hospital demands and court orders to undergo 2 years of experimental chemotherapy against her and the parents wishes and advice from other health experts. Sarah had received natural treatments at home and left the U.S. for further treatments and is now 100% free from leukemia, according to the parents. They want to return home without fear of being arrested and Sarah being taken away.

We want you to Share this on Facebook again. Also, there is a newly updated Full Story, a printable 2-page PDF story you can give to non-internet folks and an online petition at

12/27/13 Some of the text below in the present tense is now past tense thankfully.


These donations are being used for natural foods, nutritional supplements, natural medicines and treatments so that the leukemia does not return. Also Sarah and the parents need food, clothing and housing while they are outside the country and travel expenses to come back home when it is safe.

This campaign has far exceeded its original non-monetary goals of making a big difference in the outcome of this situation--and at little cost. So we are pleased that as of 12/27/13 that 100% of the donations going forward (less 7.9 % in processing fees) will be sent for Sarah and her family! (Previous to 12/27/13, 80% of the funds generated went directly to the Hershberger's and 20% was donated to the Foundations for Health Education to help pay expenses related to supporting this case.) These funds are not being used for legal expenses or medical bills from Akron Children's Hospital or related expense.

JUST OUT on Saturday! 37-min video from Grandfather and Amish church bishop.

Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. They have been under extreme hardship and want to get back to their home with their other five children and their vegetable farm business.

The Foundations are providing some excellent incentives for you to give a little more. These gifts are donations from others and are not paid for by Sarah's Health Freedom Fund. (The gift incentives were discontinued on 12/27/13)

The Hershbergers feel they have been mistreated by Akron Children’s Hospital and are utilizing alternative media to get their side of the story out to the public:

* Andy and Anna Hershberger claim they were never told by Akron Children’s Hospital staff that the chemotherapy was part of a research project using experimental chemicals.

* Andy and Anna’s signature was not obtained by the hospital for the second phase of chemo which uses different chemicals. Only Sarah, a minor child, was asked to put her name on the line, according to the parents.

* The serious side effects of the experimental chemo were never disclosed to the parents or to Sarah, they say.

* They have also said Sarah’s confidential medical information was given to the news media.

* They feel local and national news media attention given to them was unfair because they were unable to tell their side.

There is much more to this story. Read an investigative report here:
Amish Girl Escapes from Being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of US and Recovers with Natural Treatment

If you would like to write a check for Sarah only, mail it to Sarah's grandfather:

Sarah's Health Freedom
Isaac Keim
11509 Holshoe Road
Homerville OH 44235

Addresses for the others are pending so that you can send a check so that 100% of your gift goes to that person only.

Note that your gifts will be sent via email or shipped by Nov. 30.


Sarah's Health Freedom Fund is a project of Foundations for Health Education, David Michael Augenstein, Exec. Director Learn more about me here. I also go by David Michael on Facebook and my blog. I am a friend of both Isaac Keim, the grandfather, and with Andy and Anna. I live near Louisville, Ohio. The family is thankful that this fund has been established. I am the one who set up this GoFundMe account.

Thanks to all the donors without which this case would not have come to a remarkable near resolution such that the family could be reunited before Christmas-- and forced the hospital and guardian to stop their relentless pursuit to take this child--and other children in the state.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Thanks to share your history. My family is with you. I have a three-year-old son with medulloblastoma. I'm looking for natural treatments because chemo and radiotherapy doesn't work. He has a lot of sequels. Can I write you? I have read you came to Spain, we live there. Thank you! All our best wishes for you

posted by Paloma Cuadrado 2 months ago

My prayers are with your family . How devistating all this must be for you . It is a sad day when we must escape the U.S. in search of freedoms .

posted by Diane Boyle 5 months ago

There have been some very generous gifts but even $10 makes a big difference. The short link to share is

posted by David Michael 5 months ago

One more example of overstepping of governmental control. How horrible that they have to live in ANOTHER country to protect their daughter from the big RX and court systems. I spent 15 years in tradtional Western medicine. They only way I'm going into a hospital is through the Emergency room doors. If for some reason my body failed me, and I developed cancer, I too would forgo chemodestruction. I've met more survivors of cancer who went completely all natural, than I do survivors of chemo. Now THAT should tell you something. Blessings, and we, the Farmers and Natural walkers support you.

posted by Doc Grable 5 months ago

Has the family been referred to Believe Big for information about Iscador/Mistleto? This treatment is in the first stages of clinical trials in cooperation with John's Hopkins Hospital and the Believe Big (grassroots) organization. Chris Wark advocates the advancement of Believe Big as well; and so do I. I have broadcasted the Sarah Hershberger story on Facebook with Chris' interview with Isaac in hopes that it will go viral on the internet! The family did the right thing. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to them. I am so sorry to hear about this unconscionable act by our government upon its citizenry just to set their dreadful "precedent" for the insidious cancer industry. Shame on this distorted government! Power to the people!!

posted by Kitty Godfrey 5 months ago

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I wish her health and happynes. Urine therapy and destilate water are the best for cancer( I can't say cure)



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Remember in the book of Samuel how David had to flee for his life multiple times from the hand of King Saul who wanted him dead and the LORD delivered him every single time. Eventually, David would become King. We believe in the power of prayer and that GOD will deliver Sarah and her loved ones from this evil "king".



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God bless you all!




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