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What's up SA Mixtapes friends and supporters? We at SA Mixtapes are seeking supporters and sponsors to help us complete our site upgrade. As many of you may know, SA Mixtapes was a dir... more


Updated posted by Thomas J Ward 9 months ago

Great News! We raised enough to put our techs back to work on our news page. Thank you everybody you made it possible. Please don't forget to share the news with you friends.


Updated posted by Thomas J Ward 11 months ago

[FUNDRAISER] for SAM 3.0 Upgrade @SAmixtapes Donate: or #LoveGift via paypal to


Created by Thomas J Ward on March 23, 2013

What's up SA Mixtapes friends and supporters? We at SA Mixtapes are seeking supporters and sponsors to help us complete our site upgrade.

As many of you may know, SA Mixtapes was a direct download mixtapes website only. We made a few changes by adding soundcloud, and Wordpress so that you were able to listen to mixtapes, download single tracks or the full mixtape and see some community news from our WordPress. This began to cause more issues as we were now using SA Mixtapes, SoundCloud, and WordPress to provide a player with commenting and a all on one details page. Mind you between two people Twink & Thomas vs Christian Hip Hop growing on an exponential curve ie 1 becoming 2, 2 becoming 4, 4 becoming 8, 8 becoming 16 was overwhelming and still too much to do all for free while also having to pay the bills associated with all the parts. Family this upgrade is way overdue.

We desperately seek your help in completing this upgrade. Below is a brief list of what will be included in the new upgrade along with brief descriptions of the new pages.

The new upgrade will allow & include the following:

-Upgrade to Old Pages with Tracking, Stats, & Sharing.

-Submissions - Submissions page is going away. The upgrade provides submission buttons which open submission forms and allows you to upload your project in wanted category without waiting on us.

-Artist will have their own pages and players to embed on their websites, facebook, etc.

-New Releases such as Mixtapes, Albums, Singles, & Videos will have their own page with the ability to see stats, direct download, and comment on each post.

-Archives - Search feature & upgraded to categories. Allowing users to search and find any upload or direct download in all categories.


Splash Pages - New Advertising feature.

Last Years Top 100 - Allows everyone to see your site rank at the close of each year.

News Page - Allows the news you post on your blogs to have a snapshot with linkage back to your site. (Unity Enforcement Feature)

Radio Show Page - Allows Radio Shows to post their show & and Marketing Campaigns (RPK/EPK). Also allows your free single after upload to be sent out to all shows hosted on SA Mixtapes. (Unity Enforcement Feature)

Hire A DJ Page - SA Mixtapes loves DJ's. A mixtape should have a DJ behind it. Allows DJ's to upload a go in presentation for booking and hosting new events and projects. (Unity Enforcement Feature)

Producers Page - SA Mixtapes is coming to the aid of beat makers & producers. The truth is that no website can host a remix or cover beat without the real owners permission. We encourage leasing beats for your projects if you can't get exclusives. This also allows Artist to legally sale their mixtapes according to the lease contract on their beats. (Unity Enforcement Feature)

Events Page - Allows users to post an event and flyer to SA Mixtapes. We want to help bring the community out to your events, concerts, and festivals. (Unity Enforcement Feature)

Store Page - Allows Users to add their Brand & Gear for sale to the SA Mixtapes Store. (Unity Enforcement Feature)

As you can see we have big plans on helping you to get your music out to the masses. We're asking you to help us not only upgrade but be effective in pushing toward unity and helping one another.

Thanks for your time!

SA Mixtapes


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Thank you for all your support!

posted by Thomas Ward 11 months ago

This is wonderful! Many blessings to you & your organization & you have my full support as much as I am able to do at the moment. =)

posted by Laureen O'Neill 11 months ago

Thank You for your Donations! Means a lot. May Blessings be upon all who give. Amen

posted by Thomas Ward 12 months ago

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Ty the Berean here! Would have donated alot more but this was all I had left! God Bless!!



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This site is amazing. Keep helping to spread the Gospel. God bless u.




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