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Thank you for the opportunity to request support for Tamara Turner's need of a handicapped modified vehicle, which will assist Tamara with her employment and independence. Tamara T... more


Updated posted by Nancy Brown 16 months ago

Christmas is rapidly approaching... It would be so awesome if some of that great Holiday Spirit could help us out... does anyone have a direct line to Santa? I am not sure I've been good enough to ask any favors this year!

Merry Christmas and thanks so much for all that has been done!


Updated posted by Nancy Brown 17 months ago

Tamara and I have received some questions about writing in the the Ellen Show requesting a "Van for Tami." We believe it would be most effective if the Ellen Show were to receive requests from multiple different people requesting a "Van for Tami" which would be accomplished by each of us putting our own contact information at the top of the form and then making our own individual request that they support a "Van for Tami." I believe this would be most effective, since putting Tamara's contact information in would appear to the staff like multiple requests from Tamara.

Here is the link again,

Thank you all for your assistance, and patience!



Updated posted by Nancy Brown 17 months ago

LET'S START A 'VAN FOR TAMI' CAMPAIGN WITH ELLEN! I just wrote to Ellen... please go to
& fill out the 'Do you know someone who needs a car' request form. It is quick & easy!

Tami says, "PLEASE! PLEASE! I'm sooo tired of not being independent! BLESSINGS!"

Here is another picture, feel free to use any of these if you do not have another if you choose to write in.

Thank you,



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Created by Nancy Brown on June 22, 2012

Thank you for the opportunity to request support for Tamara Turner's need of a handicapped modified vehicle, which will assist Tamara with her employment and independence.

Tamara Turner's History, Goals, and Major Accomplishments

Tamara Turner is an accomplished, well-educated, woman of great determination and resolve to live successfully and independently, despite living with a physical disability and the challenges she faces.  At the age of 17, Tamara sustained paralysis due to a gymnastics accident.  Her body can be medically defined as quadriplegic, but her mind and spirit are strong, creative and vibrant.

Before Tamara's paralysis, she was very involved in many extra curricular activities, including acting with PCPA Solvang Theatrefest, participating as a majorette with The Santa Maria Batonettes Baton and Drum Corps and Santa Maria High School Marching Band, an equestrian member of Santa Maria Roping and Riding Club, a Most Valuable Player with the Santa Maria High School gymnastics team where she also qualified for CIF, and an officer/member of Job's Daughters.

After her injury, she was determined to continue her acting career and pursued roles across the nation.  Tamara became involved with Access Theatre of Santa Barbara. She acted and sang the role of Cora, a mermaid, in the original musical LEGEND OF THE CRYSTAL WATERS at the Lobero Theatre and then toured to multiple cities with this production. Tamara received critical acclaim for her character portrayal of Cora. Ms. Turner continued her acting career by playing Adrienne in ASK MAX, a Disney Sunday Night Movie.

After training at The Professional Actors Conservatory, she played the role of Bridgett in SWEET CHARIOT at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC with VSAarts. Later, Tamara and eleven playwrights wrote PH*reaks, a play about the history of the people with disabilities, for The Mark Taper Forum New Works Festival in Los Angeles. Ms. Turner also performed in the production of PH*reaks.

More recently, Tamara graduated with a Masters of Science in Child Life from the University of La Verne. With her degree, her goal is to provide intervention services for children and their families in a healthcare or children's services setting.

Need Statement

Tamara Turner has worked exceptionally hard at achieving her degree and becoming an active and vital person with a disability in her community. Tamara values her independence immensely. She is not one who thrives at remaining in her home continuously. Ms. Turner flourishes when being involved with programs to enhance her community and to better the lives of families. To have the ability to continue her goal of employment and independence, she is greatly in need of a handicapped modified van.

The van will allow Tamara to have much needed independence for travel to work, purchasing supplies, participating in community outreach for the healthcare or children's services facility, to take care of her personal needs  that include medical appointments, grocery shopping, attending church, leisure activities, and veterinary appointments for her much loved companion Acacia.

Tamara is an experienced driver with a strong track record since 1982. She has recently been evaluated for The Scott Driving System touch pad console with tripins for steering, acceleration, and brakes on 4/7/2012. She requires a vehicle with a lowered floor, lift or ramp, power doors, lift/ramp/door switches, elbow operation switch type for turn signals, horn, cruise control, high beams, & windshield wipers, rubberized texture flooring, permolock securement for her Permobil wheelchair, quick release set for able bodied driver seat, driver's seat securement, armrests, and a battery cut-off switch.

Tamara looks forward to a vehicle so that she may help children and their families improve their life situations. She also hopes to continue being visible in society to educate others about disabilities, which in turn will break down attitudinal barriers. In the near future, Ms. Turner also plans to volunteer for a non-profit organization, such as Domestic Violence Solutions Inc., CASA, and for children's theatre.

Unfortunately, Ms. Turner is financially incapable of purchasing a used handicapped modified vehicle. She receives a monthly payment from SSDI. Her fixed income allows her to pay for housing, attendant care, and medical and household bills.

Child Life Specialist

Due to Tamara Turner's own healthcare experiences, she realized the need to provide optimal developmental & psychosocially appropriate care for pediatric patients & families, thus, her strong motivation to complete her degree and become a Child Life Specialist.  Ms. Turner understands the misconceptions and fears that accompany a hospitalization. She is able to be empathic toward children and their families while giving back to her community. The Child Life Specialist (CLS) implements and maintains therapeutic activity programs, which facilitates patients in their efforts to integrate and adapt to their healthcare or children's services experience. This individual is responsible for medical procedural teaching, and assessing patient's development level and emotional state daily through observation and interaction, directing conversation, encouraging patients to express reactions to healthcare or children's services experience, acknowledging patient's point of view to clarify misconceptions, and providing bereavement intervention. The CLS assists patients, siblings, and families to cope with illness, injury, or syndrome. Also, the Child Life Specialist plays a vital role in educating caregivers, administrators, and the general public about the needs of children under stress.

Total Handicapped Modified Vehicle Costs









A new handicapped modified vehicle, with the necessary accessible equipment, would cost from $100,000.00 to $150,000.00. A new Scott Driving System, not including a van, would cost approximately $80.000.

Funding a Life, a Future and Benefits to the Community

Tamara Turner's mission is to participate fully in her community. She believes her vision of supporting children and their families, with interventions and coping mechanisms, during an illness, injury, disease, syndrome, or a loss will result in a healthier life outcome for children and their families.

 Unfortunately, most children will experience a health condition. By providing supportive services for children, they can master their skills and learn to have some control over a seemingly uncontrollable situation. In turn, the skills will facilitate children to succeed in life. Ms. Turner can reach her goals of becoming a Child Life Specialist and retaining her independence, if she has a modified van.

Thank you for your time and careful consideration of this request.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


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Hi Michelle~It was wonderful to have met you! You are an angel here on earth! I am doing very well thank you! THANK YOU for your gift!

posted by Tamara Turner 15 months ago

GOOD NEWS! Praise GOD! It looks like the van will be payed for in about 2 weeks! A large sum from a fantastic person will be arriving soon! Keep it in your prayers please! I must say that all of you are fabulous! Your prayers, wishes & donations have made this dream come true! I give GLORY to GOD for the van, my friends (Nancy; gofundme, Troy; MONTANA TALES, Jamie; event org, & everyone) & Ken Vertrees' Printing. Possibly at the end of January or beginning of Feb, I will go for my final fitting & driver's training! WEEEEEEEEEEEE! SO OVER JOYED! I have learned a lot during this year of self-reflection! The time has not been wasted! BLESSINGS & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

posted by Tamara Turner 16 months ago

Hi Friends~ My friend Tammy, who I went to school with since kindergarten and grew up on the same block, has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer! She is in the fight of her life! Please pray for her healing! I Love You, My Tammers!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

First of all, I would like to give an ENORMOUSLY LOUD shout out to Troy Evans for his magnificent storytelling! I laughed, I cried, I sat in silence while I enjoying every moment! Also, to Jamie Baker, for his tireless efforts in organizing Troy's fundraiser, to Paul Hobbs for his beautiful music & voice, to Heather, to Jamie & Paul's families, & To ALL my friends & PCPA family for your kind support during the evening! The fundraiser brought in $1,650.00. THANK YOU so much, everyone!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

THANK YOU MT Powwow Princess! Such a treat to receive your donation!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

What a delightful donation to receive from MC & Kim Gainey! We just so happened to see it while at 'Troy Evans' Montana Tales' fundraiser just before Troy went on stage & spoke of you in one of his stories! THANK YOU!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

Thank you, cly Evans, for your very thoughtful donation! I'm very grateful!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

A special THANK YOU to the anonymous donator! THAN YOU

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

Hi Sharon~ THANKS for your amazing contribution! I will keep fighting!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

THANK YOU, Dawn Duane for your much appreciated donation!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

Hi Natalie! THANK YOU very much for your donation! I assure you, it is most helpful! My OTingly friend!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

I am extremely thankful for the anonymous donation! Getting closer!

posted by Tamara Turner 17 months ago

Another GREAT BIG thanks to the 2nd anonymous donator today! I am very grateful!

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

An ENORMOUS thanks to the anonymous donator! You made my day

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

WOW! What a BLESSING! Dick P. & Anonymous' donations hit the amount over $20,000! THANK YOU!

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

To Anonymous~ I am very grateful for you donation! Thanks!

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

I agree, Troy is a peach! Thank you for your wonderful donation, Innes!

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANONYMOUS! This is incredible! I feel like we're getting closer!

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

THANK YOU, ANONYMOUS S.! A much appreciated donation! I don't what to say! I feel very blessed!

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

I am so thankful for Nancy! She has been amazing at running this page! I send her 'congratulations' for the birth of her adorable grand baby! She held the little one for the first time yesterday! Blessings to mama, daddy, & grandma!

posted by Tamara Turner 18 months ago

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I admire your determine to live life to the fullest. Blessings and Love



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I met you November 18th. I hope you are feeling better. Happy New Year, hope this year brings you much good health and happiness. Michelle



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See Tamara's comment. Thank you so much to Troy Evans', Jami Baker, Paul Hobbs and all who attended and have donated.



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