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Family and Friends: On June 24th of 2011 Robert "Kapen" was working at a Young Life camp in Williams, AZ. He went to bed feeling fine but when he woke up he felt numbness on his right... more


Updated posted by Steve Cheek 16 months ago

Greetings team Kapen!

This update is to show you a little video clip of Robert's fundraise event at Brik fitness.
You can also see what Robert's been up to these days at the gym. Go Kapen!
Thank you for your prayers and your support!

Here is the link!


Updated posted by Steve Cheek 17 months ago

Hello Team Kapen!

Here are some pictures of the fundraise at Brik Fitness

We are blessed by all the support
Thank you!!!



Updated posted by Steve Cheek 17 months ago

Thank you Brik Fitness!


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Created by Steve Cheek on September 29, 2012

Family and Friends:

On June 24th of 2011 Robert "Kapen" was working at a Young Life camp in Williams, AZ. He went to bed feeling fine but when he woke up he felt numbness on his right side. He was at camp with 350 teens and adults and he was the only person that was affected with this virus. He was taken to the emergency hospital in Flagstaff and then things just got worse so He was transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.
At the Mayo Clinic he had seizure of some sort and was placed in a medically induced coma. A tracheotomy was performed and he was placed on a ventilator. They ran a gamut of tests and checked for everything they could possibly think of: West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, Valley Fever, and more with no diagnosis. After he came out from the coma he was given 1 % chance of living. He had no feeling from neck down. He had become a quadriplegic, he was mute and could only communicate with his eyes. He stayed at the Mayo Clinic for several weeks then he was then transferred on a private jet plane to UCLA Medical Center in West Los Angeles for further research but they also could not find a diagnosis. He stayed there close to two months. After UCLA he was transferred to a sub-acute care facility and there he began moving a little more and his left side started waking up and later transferred to Long Beach Memorial for intense rehab. He was given two months of intensive physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy and then he was sent home after nine months of being in hospitals.
There is still no concrete diagnosis and doctors are still baffled as to what attacked Robert's brain. They can only suggest to keep going with therapy.
These days Robert has therapy from 9am to 3pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He is still in a wheelchair, needs special transportation to get to and from therapy. He communicates with his phone because he is unable to speak. He has a gastrostomy tube because he is not able to swallow and has a caregiver who assists while his mom is at work. 
This page was set up to bring support to help with medical bills, nursing care, treatments not covered by the insurance, etc. The family would be so grateful for any kind of support all of us are willing to give. We don't HAVE to reach this goal but if we did it would be a huge blessing to the family. Again, anything will help. And if you can't donate then we would just like you to please read this story of one of the most faithful, joyful and patient man we know and pass it along to others. Thank you for visiting the page and willing to help. May God bless you, and please continue to keep "Kapen" and his family in your prayers.

If you wish to make an offline donation instead please make checks payable to:

Karen Kapen
1212 Teri Avenue
Torrance, CA 90503

Thank you!


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Did he recently receive any vaccines. Everyone "pooh poohs" this but lots of young ppl are injured and dying from "safe" vaccines. Do not discount vax injury.

posted by Kristen Bair Hink 17 months ago

I LOVE witnessing how amazing people can be. The support your friends and family are showing to help raise money to assist in funding your recovery restores my faith in mankind. You are truly an inspiration to us all Robert. We are very proud of your progress, your positive attitude, your sheer Will to get better, and your Faith in God. We Love you and Pray every day for your full recovery.

posted by Nina Brister 18 months ago

you bring joy to so many, it is a pleasure to help out.

posted by Melanie Adams 18 months ago

Happy to help such dear friends as the Kapens!

posted by Jamie McIntire 18 months ago

Thank you so much Steve for helping to put this site together for Robert and the Kapen Family. I work with Karen (we sit next to each other and I know what a stress this past year has been on her. I hope that everyone steps up and helps out this wonderful cause...GO TEAM KAPEN!!

posted by Carolyn DeKoven 18 months ago

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Catherine Foreman

4 months ago


Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on the new ride. Let's go cruising!!!



Ed & Allison Southworth

10 months ago


In honor of Summer Boren's 7th Birthday, somewhat belated.



Julia Carlton

12 months ago



Nina Brister

12 months ago


Happy Birthday Miss Summer Boren! What a Fabulously Unselfish thing for you to wish for. We love you and are so proud of you Baby Girl! (Although for Christmas might I suggest you go ahead and wish for those "two front teeth?") Robert, Karen and Family, We Love you and pray for you every day. Nina, Sean, Patrick, Brody, Casey, Wyatt & Charlie-Girl (our puppy *;*)



Marie Southworth

12 months ago


A gift from Summer Boren and Boots Southworth. Best wishes



Dee Bielcik

12 months ago


A gift from us and Summer Boren




15 months ago



Summer Boren

15 months ago


Hello Robert, I wanted to send you the Christmas money I received to help you get better. My mommy and I say prayers for you every night. I want to see you at my birthday, camping, soon:)! Love, Summer




15 months ago



Alison McCauley

15 months ago


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