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Dear Friends,       As many of you may already know, on January 21, 2013 Mike and Karen Schmit lost their house and everything they have in a fire.  Mike and Karen are the most giving a... more


Updated posted by Danielle Fitzsimmons Brandon Schmit 14 months ago

We are working on a couple of fundraisers right now, so I would like to gather a pool of volunteers for our first fundraiser idea! Let me tell you about what we are working on and if you are interested you can contact me to sign up:
We are looking to do a grocery store raffle where we will set up tables at grocery stores in the area who will allow it. We will sell the raffle tickets for items that we are currently collecting to raffle and I am calling grocery stores to create a list of willing participants. I need volunteers who will be willing to work together to help plan, man the tables, and anything else that this fundraiser might entail.
If you or someone you know is willing to help with this fundraiser please ask them to contact me to sign-up at
If you can put "grocery store volunteer" or something of that sort in the subject line it will be extra helpful for me. After I get a good group of volunteers, I will contact those who sign up with more details.
Thank you for your help and wish us luck with our first fundraiser!


Updated posted by Danielle Fitzsimmons Brandon Schmit 15 months ago

I am SO injcredibly moved and grateful for the donations we have recieved so far! It amazes me how wonderful people are in times of need. I cannot believe how generous so many of you have been and I cannot find the right words to express how much this means to me and the Schmits. You are all truely amazing, so thank you!! Please keep sharing the page and getting the word out there. The more prayers the better and the donations are much needed and appreciated!! :)


Created by Danielle Fitzsimmons Brandon Schmit on January 23, 2013

Dear Friends,

      As many of you may already know, on January 21, 2013 Mike and Karen Schmit lost their house and everything they have in a fire.  Mike and Karen are the most giving and loving people that I know.  They always opened their home to others, and it was a place where so many friends and family gathered for all occasions, both good and bad.  As their "daughter-in-law", I have seen first hand their love and kindness.  They supported me with my son Michael through college, and helped me and Brandon get on our feet when I graduated.  They have been there through good times and in bad times, and we feel we owe it to them to help rebuild their house and their lives. 

     If you know Mike and Karen, you know that they both live on a fixed income and have health problems.  Due to recent financial strains, they were forced to decide between their homeowners insurance and food and medical expenses, so they have truly lost everything.  Without homeowners insurance, they will be unable to rebuild their home without outside assistance.  This house has been in their family for generations and 5333 Trump Rd. is their only home.  We want to rebuild their home and we need your help to do that.  ANY donation you can make will help us.  As you can see, I have created a really high goal.  The loss of a home is priceless, so whether we reach our goal or not is not important because ANY and ALL donations will be helpful to our ultimate goal.  You can donate by depositing money into an account we have set up with People's Bank in the name of Michael and Karen Schmit OR you can donate right here.  If you cannot help monetarily, you can help by donating food, clothing (womens pants size 3 or 5 tall, small/medium womens shirts, men's pant size 32x32, medium size men's shirts), household items, toiletries, etc. If you wish to donate those types of items please contact me (Danielle Fitzsimmons) at or (717)825-8301.

     We want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers as well as any donation you are willing to make.



Danielle, Michael, Brandon, and the rest of the Schmit and Renfro families




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Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



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We are praying for you and believing God to move mountains for you and your family! Just keep your eyes fixed on Him and His unfailing love.




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15 months ago


I had $10 left from my allowance but I really want you to have it.


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