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On Monday, January 28th, 2013 the Pipeline 2 Paradise Radio studio along with our home was robbed. Almost our entire place was turned upside down. Several TVs were taken, my son’s g... more


Created by Paul Sebala on February 14, 2013

On Monday, January 28th, 2013 the Pipeline 2 Paradise Radio studio along with our home was robbed.


Almost our entire place was turned upside down. Several TVs were taken, my son’s game system and games, my wife’s jewelry box that contained many family heirlooms and priceless jewelry, my wedding ring, 2 HD cameras reserved for my TV project, my wife’s brand new laptop that I just got her for Christmas, her iPhone, CDs, headphones, and ALL 3 expensive studio microphones along with it's special accessories were all stolen.

I THANK JESUS that no one was home at the time and that my wife and son didn’t walk in on the burglars.


Extremely violated, furious, sad, scared, confused, thankful, pissed the f*#% off are just some of the feelings we felt and some emotions still feel.

We thank the Lord that we are all safe! Everything stolen is material and I have faith the Lord will provide and heal.  Many messages of support and love have poured in through email, social networks, and in person since then.  I'm truly humbled and grateful for everyone taking time out to bless and comfort us with your uplifting words and prayers. 


One of my friends in Facebook wrote this:

"I know often it's hard to ask for help... but when it's offered via financial, support, comfort, etc., don't block your blessings by saying no or not accepting it.  When we say no or don't accept, we're blocking our blessings.


I realized after reading this that this is exactly what I've been doing.  Since the home invasion I've been praying to the Lord for answers, guidance, strength, and help financially.  All along hundreds of you have been offering it to me and my family and I was letting my pride block the blessings. 


So with a very humble heart I've created another donation page to be blessed by your generosity.  I welcome all financial support to help rebuild Pipeline 2 Paradise Radio, purchase new studio mics, accessories, equipment, pay up past license debt, and launch a new broadcast wave of aloha when the pieces are in place.  Currently we are off-air.


I promise to continue to support the Hawaiian and Island music community worldwide as we've always done and make all of your proud by supporting a righteous venture.  God bless you all and mahalo in advance for your kokua.   


Paul Pu'ukani sebala

Owner and Operator

Pipeline 2 Paradise Radio


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Thank You Felicity Stanley!!!

posted by Chuck Russell 14 months ago

My Bradda Pu'ukani If I cant personally Rip da dudes throats out who did this to your Ohana what a better way to shove it in their face by helping you get back on air and show um GOD dont like ugly. You cant keep a Good Man Down! CheeeeeeHoooooooo

posted by Chuck Russell 14 months ago

Couldnt think of a better Ohana to help! thanks for being so real all these years. It's is truly amazing to see how if everyone can just do a little how far it will go. will never take that feeling away in your gut- dissapointment that someone could do this to you, BUT NO WORRIES! good always comes from bad! i have faith you will see beautiful things to come! Aloha Tani

posted by Mai Tani Waye 14 months ago

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Lynette Macauley

11 months ago


Many mahalos for all the Aloha you give to us with P2P through all these years. A special thank you for all your patience, insights, fun and talent for putting together a fabulous youtube video for me! My proud "Everything Ninth Island" submission for the Downtown Project and Zappos....




12 months ago




13 months ago



Susana Stiers

13 months ago


Blessings to you and ohana. Don't stop doing what you do Paul!



Thomas Johnson Jr.

13 months ago


From 702 Roots - Follow your dream!



Br. Frank Canizares

13 months ago


I am holding all of you up in prayers!



Huston Crutchfield III

13 months ago


Much Love brah



Trisha Platt

14 months ago


I fell so bad about this happening to you. You do not deserve to be fanbalized when you have worked so hard to get where you are. My energy and thoughs are with you and you will succed!



marissa samonte

14 months ago


God Bless!



Laupati Solaita

14 months ago


Blessings Paul! Helping to rebuild the pipeline.


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