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I am setting up this gofundme account to help a friend who is an animal lover and a good samaritan. A dog was found wandering the streets in her neighbourhood.  As an animal lover, she took the dog in while she tried to locate the owner (... more


Updated posted by Sabrina Needer 16 months ago

Rebel's surgery was a success! he is doing well and is going home to mom tomorrow! Thank you all for your contributions! We are stuck at the halfway mark, but something is better than nothing. Thank you to all who donated and spread the word.


Updated posted by Sabrina Needer 17 months ago

Wow - Words cannot express how thankful I am for each and every donation made! I wasnt sure that this gofundme would be as successful as it has been! Thank you for coming together and helping Alicia out in a attempt to restore her faith in humanity! We are half way to our goal. Here is to hoping that our push to the end is as successful as lift off was.


Created by Sabrina Needer on November 24, 2012

I am setting up this gofundme account to help a friend who is an animal lover and a good samaritan.

A dog was found wandering the streets in her neighbourhood.  As an animal lover, she took the dog in while she tried to locate the owner (there was no collar on the dog).  While the dog appeared to be well behaved, he later attacked her cat.  The cat has a broken jaw and badly bruised body, but will thankfully recover. Unfortunately, the vet bill is now over $2500 and the owner of the dog is unwilling to assist in anyway.  They feel that its in the best interest of the cat to simply be put down rather than be saved.  Yes, the owner of a dog thinks that an animal is not worth saving.  Oh the irony.

Feeling slightly defeated at trying to act as a kind samaritan, I am hoping that this gofundme account will help her remember that good people do exist, and that she is deserving of good karma.

Any little bit will help.  The goal is to help pay for the surgery, but anything towards it is just as good.

Please share with your friends and other animal lovers.  A picture of the cat will be posted shortly. 


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Alicia you know how much of a animal lover I am. I have to admit I love my animals more then I love some of my own family members or even humans for that matter. When my father died 3 yrs ago, my little Chandler new every emotion I was feeling, to the point where when I was crying he would stand on my legs and lick the tears off my face. The love from an animal is priceless and to see that you might struggle to pay for Rebels surgery, when you were trying to do a good thing helping the dog to find it's owners, I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would try to help you in any way I could. I always to to think to myself if I were in those shoes, it's my hope that friends, strangers, co-worker or friends of friends would help me. When bad things happen, it's how we deal and recover from them. You are an amazing person! You and Rebel are going to be just fine, and you will see that there are plenty of amazing people in your court with you. XO Stacey, Chandler, Ross & FatKat

posted by Stacey Sprowl 17 months ago

Words cannot express how thankful Rebel and I are for all of you. I'm truly amazed at the kindness of not only people I know, but also complete strangers. He is in pain, however we're managing it with the medication that he is on until the bruising heals. Jaw surgery is scheduled for Monday and the surgeon is confident he will make a close to original recovery. Though he lost a few teeth he will still have the ability to eat normal food in a few weeks, which is a great thing considering how much he loves his treats!!! Again, we both thank each and every one of you...hugs from me, and kitty kisses from the fighter himself....Rebel. xoxo

posted by Alicia Zulak 17 months ago

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Ann Blue

17 months ago



Janet Needham

17 months ago


Molly-Dawg and I are wishing Rebel a speedy recovery :)



Mark Solis

17 months ago


You did the right thing, don't ever think that you did not. We are 'ALL' recognizing that no good deed goes unnoticed.



Tricia Dunk

17 months ago


I love my puppy like he is my kid and I hope that people would do the same if he got hurt. Thinking of you.



Chris Chui

17 months ago


Wishing all goes well... and MUAH! :) Thanks for setting this up Needer!



Catherine MacLelland

17 months ago


Get well soon Rebel!



Steve and Marie Morley

17 months ago


Get well soon Rebel!!



Monika Gokstorp

17 months ago



Natalie Flanagan

17 months ago


I know what I went through when Molly was attacked last summer. Sending all my positive thoughts to you both.



Eric Lau

17 months ago


Speedy Recovery!!


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