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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at this page - we are Anna and Justin Flowers and we live in Charleston, West Virginia. On March 2, 2012, God blessed us with a beautifu... more


Updated posted by Anna Dunkley-Flowers 21 months ago

sorry i havent told you guys something sooner but he had his surgery on the 10th


Updated posted by Anna Dunkley-Flowers 21 months ago

well this has been a very long hard road and it is not over yet he is having alot of trouble breathing he has alot of water in his lungs and he still needs support with his breathing it took us two hour today to get his oxygen up to 70 the doctor arent sure why everything is happening like it is but Preston needs our prays please


Updated posted by Anna Dunkley-Flowers 22 months ago

his surgery is on the 12th of july please pray for him


Created by Anna Dunkley-Flowers on June 26, 2012

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at this page - we are Anna and Justin Flowers and we live in Charleston, West Virginia.  On March 2, 2012, God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy who we named Preston. 


Just as I entered into my third trimester, we were given the news that our precious baby boy had a condition called hypoplastic plastic left heart syndrome, this occurs when parts of the left side of the heart do not develop completely. It is a rare type of congenital heart disease. The only chance for survival would be open heart surgery once he was born.  Due to the complexity of his heart condition, Preston would have to be born in a facility that would be able to immediately operate on him upon his birth.  As a result, our only option was to give birth in the closest Children’s Hospital, which happened to be Cincinnati, Ohio.  By the grace of God, we were able to find an opening there and were able to make the proper arrangements to have the surgery for Preston just after I gave birth. 


Preston was only 3 days old at the time of his first surgery.  The surgeons at Children’s Hospital Cincinnati did an amazing job, and our little baby boy was able to come home back to West Virginia after only a few short weeks.  Everything was going as planned, and then we were thrown another curve ball.  One day at home, we noticed that Preston was turning blue.  We called 911 and in minutes the ambulance was there to whisk him back to the hospital.  We live in Charleston, WV so he had to be airlifted back to Cincinnati.  He has been here in and out of intensive care ever since. 


Preston will have his second heart surgery on July 12th.  His body cannot keep up with his heart, so it is necessary to do the operation at this time.  We know that God is in control and that everything is going to be fine, but we are always worried as any good parents would be.


As you can imagine, my husband and I have been under a lot of stress.  Our main priority is to be here at his side everyday.  We are blessed to have organizations like The Ronald Mc Donald house assisting us.  They are able to give us a room and help us with the little things that most people take for granted.  Unfortunately, the company my husband worked for was not able to keep his job for him because of his travel back and forth from West Virginia to Cincinnati.  It was impossible for him to commute back and forth and they needed someone who could make a full time commitment.  Unfortunately, our funds have run out and we are not sure what we are going to do.  We are not the type of people to ask for help, but we are really starting to struggle and are not sure what else we can do.  We have wonderful friends and family that have been here for us every step of the way and for that we are truly grateful.


We have posted this page to ask for assistance, any thing you can do to help us even if its just a prayer! We are a young family, however we know the power  of the Lord and praise him in all things.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance - God bless you and yours. 


If your not comfortable posting donations to this page, we can be contacted at:


Anna and Justin Flowers

c/o The Ronald Mc Donald House

 44350 Erkenbrecher Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45229




Anna, Justin and Preston Flowers


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