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As Puahonihoni happily napped on her usual spot under the banana tree on Monday, May 21, 2012, in the evening she was brutally awakened and attacked by two hunting dogs. FORTUNATELY, her... more


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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your recent donations, aunties and uncles!!!


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Oh boy! Itʻs Antibiotic Shot Day....AGAIN!

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Created by Pua Honi Honi on May 28, 2012

As Puahonihoni happily napped on her usual spot under the banana tree on Monday, May 21, 2012, in the evening she was brutally awakened and attacked by two hunting dogs. FORTUNATELY, her human loved ones were home to pull the dogs off of her and saved her from what could have been a very fatal attack.

Pua did not walk away unscathed.  She suffered several deep wounds to her under belly, and lacerations/bites around her ankles, neck, eyes and face.  After intensive surgery performed at Puaʻs home by one of Hawaiʻiʻs leading renowned Veterinarian teams who does house calls, they were able to address Puaʻs wounds before infection set into her body.

The hunter and his dogs were TRESPASSING on PRIVATE PROPERTY.  This makes him a POACHER.  This man, who is responsible for this tragedy, said he would pay for the vet bill before the surgery took place. After being approached for payment, he refused to pay and take any financial responsibility.

Also, because of whatʻs happened, Pua can no longer freely roam the property like she used to, joyfully rooting here and there...
A special pen needs to be created for her.  This pen will be made with chain link and protective measures will be taken so that hunting dogs cannot penetrate her living quarters. Hunting dogs are known to scale fences and dig without stopping in order to get to their prey.  

Needless to say, this has been an extremely stressful and traumatizing situation for Pua and for all who love her.  It is heartbreaking to see a loved one in pain especially when it is your pet who is completely innocent and undeserving of someone elseʻs irresponsibility, negligence and lack of compassion.  

We are kindly asking for financial assistance to help pay for Puahonihoniʻs Vet bills and for the construction of her Pen or "Princess Puahonihoniʻs Palace."  
Thank you for taking the time to view our Pua Page and for considering making a donation. 
We wish you and your loved ones (two legged and four legged) great health, abundance, peace and joy!

Please check Puaʻs progress and the building of her Pen at:
She would love to be friends with you!

If you would prefer to mail in a donation (which would be ideal) please mail to:
Arna Johnson
PO Box 4277
Kaneʻohe  HI 96744

In closing, we wish to share "The Law of One" with all of you.
"The Law of One" is the original Law of Creation and is the Supreme Law over all Laws in all Dimensions. 

"We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are helped.
When one is healed, all are healed.
Therefore, I set the intention that 
the Divine Idea is unfolding in Divine Timing,  
for the highest good of all. 
I have gratitude that this is done . . . 
and so it is . . .
We are all one . . ." 

Pua's ʻOhana

UPDATE on 8/14/12:

Puahonihoni now has a staph infection in the area that was majorly bitten by the dogs.  Her would was so deep that the doctor was unable to get all of the YUCKIES out of her.

Another surgery was to take place again today however, we decided that it was too invasive and stressful for her.  Dr. Pearson will be administering an antibiotic shot which we hope will be able to take care of the infection. We will see how it goes in a week. Each shot is $275. 

Puaʻs medical expenses are mounting.  So we are extremely grateful for your contribution! 


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Im so happy to see you have almost reached your goal! Best wishes to Pua and your family!

posted by Ashley Lowe 13 months ago

Dear Pua and family. I am sending a check to help. Wish I could do more but I'm so far away. You are getting the best care possible and I hope one day all people can respect all animals as pets. Love and Aloha from all of us at VegasPigPets in Las Vegas.

posted by Crystal KimHan 20 months ago

I am glad you are doing so well Pua and that so many of your friends have helped with the veterinarian bills.

posted by Daniel Cohen 21 months ago

I was so sad to read this. I will be mailing a donation for Pua..I hope you are feeling better soon. Stay safe little friend. xoxo

posted by Carol Weber McDonough 22 months ago

Pua baby :( Of course we will help..! Putting a mailer together for you today..! Love, Aunty Meems, Uncle Chox, and your cousins Nacho girl, Ryan, and Claire :)

posted by Michelle Guda-Miyamoto 22 months ago

Awe my honey Pua, I am so very truly sorry for the cruel and painful things that you had to endure due to the inconsiderate part of some humans. I believe with the compassion, kindness and love from your mommies, you will be back to your old self...if one of your mommies could text me your address then I can send a check. You are in our prayers, get Aunty Beany

posted by Sue Yuen 22 months ago

Sweet Pua & mommies dearests.......our donation is coming in the mail...wish we could help the Hashimoto Zoo

posted by Cheri Teranishi-Hashimoto 22 months ago

I love you, Miss Puahonihoni!!!

posted by Geralyn Camarillo 22 months ago

Mahalo Aunties and Uncles! I appreciate all your love and support! My pen is coming together little by little, and my wounds are healing beautifully!

posted by Pua Honi 22 months ago

We are so sad to hear about Pua getting hurt! Our donation was sent in the mail. We look foward to hearing all abiut Pua Honi Honi getting better!

posted by Lisa Amador 22 months ago

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Please accept this donation of $250 for the care of Pua.




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Prayers of healing to you, Pua.



Auntie Ange Lo and Auntie Sharon

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Brian Thompson

19 months ago


A horrible story with a happy ending. Get better soon Pua.




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Erica Williams

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Keep getting better pretty girl!!



Auntie Jamie Hornburg

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