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A lot of great changes here at Oro Expeditions. These changes could not have been possible if not for the contributions from you. The success of Expedition '13 came in large part to th... more


Updated posted by Oro Cas 13 days ago

We are kicking off Oro Expedition 14 with a BANG... The first phase begins with a return trip to Coker Creek TN for a week of gold mining and reunions with old friends.
The big BANG here on our funding site is the release of our updated campaign and a brand new REWARDS program to go along with it which brings me to the 3rd big BANG....
The GRAND OPENING of Oro Expedition Outpost Virgin Canyon in SW Oregon. Check the REWARDS for a little Virgin Canyon surprise.



Updated posted by Oro Cas 1 month ago

The time has come, once again, to make some changes here at KDCL Media. The direction is forward and upward as always.

The "GoFundMe" site that we have been promoting with great success is about to be taken down, dismantled, and turned into something different.
One of the big changes will be the removal of the current REWARD program and replace it with something new.

As of the 11th of March when we go off the air with Oro Expedition 14 and Then Someā€¦ the present rewards will be removed.

If you want to get your share of Expedition gold, whether by the pennyweight or by the ounce, the time is NOW to join in with our list of contributors and lock in one of a limited number of rewards that are left.

Click the link in this post and get your GOLD today.


Updated posted by Oro Cas 1 month ago

Had a GREAT show last night and a surprise special guest also. Kerby Jackson, who is the spokesman for the Galice Mining District in SW Oregon, joined us for most of the show. He shared a lot of important information about the legal battle taking place to stop dredging in Oregon.
LISTEN HERE >>>> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kdclmedia/2014/02/19/oro-expedition-14-and-then-some-with-oro-cas


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Created by Oro Cas on July 15, 2013

A lot of great changes here at Oro Expeditions. These changes could not have been possible if not for the contributions from you.

The success of Expedition '13 came in large part to the support you showed Oro in his quest to 'find America's hidden treasures'.

Oro Expeditions is about to kick-off Expedition '14 and Outpost Goldcations. Your continued support will help establish outposts around the country so you too can follow the dream.

If your business has equipment that can be used by the Expeditions, Oro Expeditions will exchange sponsorship and advertising on Oro Expeditions and KDCL Media. This exchange includes advertising your business on our websites, videos and Internet radio shows.

Equipment Needed:

Gold specific metal detectors
Dry washing equipment
Any and all prospecting tools and equipment: including pans, sluice boxes, high bankers, fine gold recovery systems, picks, shovels, etc.
Cabin Tents
Camp Kitchens
Equipment Trailer

Please take time to review the entire website as all questions about me, Miss Paula, and the Expedition can be answered. Any other questions can be addressed by using the contact information at: Oro Expeditions

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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Oro i think your idea is great been watching your videos very nice to some folks out there it dont look like alot of hard work i know that it is nice videos keep up the good work that you doing

posted by Tim Hanson 1 month ago

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Virgin Canyon


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Mike Payne of PoBoy Dredge says, "Go west, young man."

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To help with your dream




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A little something to get you down the trail.




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I've seen the hard work going into this project. I'll be seeing you soon.



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Good luck!! Hope to see you (and Ms. Paula soon).



brenda warnick

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