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Updated posted by Erika Knerr 14 months ago

Hot off the Press! New Observations Issue #129. Come out to Printed Matter Bookstore. Friday, Feb 15th, 6-8 pm. 195 10th Ave New York, NY 10011


Updated posted by Erika Knerr 14 months ago

Issue 129 is at the printer. Checked proofs today and we are set to go on press, Tuesday 7:30 am. The big snow will, of course, not affect this .... Fingers crossed!


Updated posted by Erika Knerr 15 months ago

Thanks to everyone who has donated to the print edition of New Observations magazine. We are very close to our printing goal and excited about printing #129 in full color and a 64 page double issue. It will be great! An amazing list of contributors for the relaunch issue has been put together to celebrate our cultural community.


Created by Erika Knerr on December 10, 2012

NEW! *GIFTS & PRIZES* check out the $300 level! Other levels at $150 and $75. Previous GoFundMe donations honored.

Erika Knerr, Publisher -- NEW YORK

New Observations magazine
Issue 129 OUT OF THE BOX – The Way of Art on the Loose
Guest Edited by Joshua Selman

New Observations Press

New Observations is a conceptual print magazine published by artists for artists and the greater community, as a work of collaborative art.  After 128 back issues from 1981-2001 we are ready to print issue #129, twelve years later, as a limited edition. We need your help to do that.

We have put together a remarkable issue with Guest Editor, Joshua Selman.  The offset printing of our 129th Issue,  “OUT OF THE BOX- The Way of Art on the Loose,” reintroduces the magazine exploring alternative ways that artists have interacted with art making and their communities, bringing together seminal artists from Fluxus, Street Art, Correspondence Art, Contemporary Intermedia, Experimental Utopias and beyond. We are presenting artists who have reacted to social conditions that lack flexibility, by distributing work either for free, or outside of rational transaction, loosening the exchange structures in their communities, through various offerings.

We have inside coverage of Lance Fung’s Artlantic Wonder, the five year Art Park being created in Atlantic City and how the first phase, with installations by Robert Barry, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, John Roloff and Kiki Smith survived hurricane Sandy to open to the community, in just a month of its aftermath.  Alison Knowles created a piece for the issue titled “Out of the Box,” that was then performed on SWITCH TV in Holyoke, MA documented for the magazine. Hannah Higgins has contributed a meditation on Buckminster Fuller.  We have a feature section from very rare documentation from the Larry Miller Archive that is being guest designed by Sara Seagull.  We are also very happy with our New Logo by guest designer, Betsy Brecht who is currently working on our Cover.

And there is much, much more, promising an exciting and important re-launch.

Robert Barry, Mark Bloch, Buckminster Fuller, Lance Fung, General Idea, GLOVE, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Erika Knerr, Alison Knowles, Layman Lee, Larry Miller and Sara Seagull, Hannah Higgins, Jessica Higgins, Gaia, Lucio Pozzi, John Roloff, David Shapiro, Kiki Smith, Alex Stern, Sarah Sze, Lucja Wasko-Mandes, Ryszard Wasko and others...

Our Target is $8,000.00. Our priorities for funding are Printing & Distribution Costs.  We are printing 64 Full Color Pages with TigerPress of Western Mass!

Come to the re-launch event in NYC! The community is invited to celebrate the achievement. As soon as we have the printed edition look for your personal invitation.

With Gratitude,

Erika Knerr
Publisher and Designer

For more information:

New Observations LTD is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing artists' voices to the public forum through a guest-edited arts journal founded in 1981.  Its editorial program allows for freedom of thought, expression and experimentation, offering artists the opportunity to explore in-depth thematic topics.

New Observations is a registered trademark.

Photo of Alison Knowles by Mary Averill, 2012


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Robert- Yes this is the same magazine. Many of the back issues are still available at Printed Matter. We are very excited about getting issue 129 to press. Best wishes for 2013!

posted by Erika Knerr 15 months ago

Hi Erika: Is this a 're-launch' of the arts/ culture magazine created by LUCIO POZZI ? In the passing years this fine publication somehow went under my radar. I still have quite a number of back issues that I will refer to. I hope to be able to make some kind of monetary contribution in the early new year. Thanks for sharing !

posted by Robert Eustace 16 months ago

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