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Hello! I hope you are well. I pray that God is working in many wonderful ways in your life. Michelle and I are having a wonderful time allowing God to prepare us for the future at hand... more


Updated posted by Mike Parker 13 months ago

Hey guys, thanks so much for your continued support. It's been almost a year since we applied for our visa to come the UK. Which means soon we will be heading back to the US. We've sent out some feelers to see about getting a new visa that would allow us to come back, but in any case it has to been done from the US. We are going to make one more push for support because of the huge cost of moving everything across the pond and back to the US. After the month of April we will be shutting down our support site here. If any of you feel lead to support us in our mission now is your last chance! Again, thank you all so much for your love and support!


Updated posted by Mike Parker 17 months ago

Thanks so much to all of you that have supported us here in the UK so far. We are still in need of regular or one time supporters to cover costs of living and travel. Currently we are in need of a remaining $600 for travel costs for our flights here. Again thank you so much to those of you that have supported us so far!


Updated posted by Mike Parker 18 months ago

I'm heading to Africa soon!! I head out in just about 4 weeks. I will be heading in to the doctors this week to get all my injections squared away for the trip. The approximate cost is $200. If you are considering partnering with our ministry here please follow the links and donate through our site! Thanks!

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Created by Mike Parker on June 18, 2012

     Hello! I hope you are well.  I pray that God is working in many wonderful ways in your life.  Michelle and I are having a wonderful time allowing God to prepare us for the future at hand.  I want to share with you the journey God is laying out in front of our lives.  For years, Michelle and I have felt an immense burden for the church in the UK.  A place that at one time was a strong hold of faith and wise believers.  In the past half decade that has changed.  While America has seen an immense change in the church, the Church in the UK has remained largely the same.  Because of this the evangelic temperature has fallen, and to young persons in the UK, the church has largely become a "thing of the past."  However; In recent years, many bold church planters have stood against this.  They have fought from the ground up to make Church as relevant as the Gospel they deliver.  Because of this we are seeing an underground blossom of the modern church.  Churches finally standing up for the faith that made them and sharing the a Gospel of love to a people who desperately need it.  This is a pivotal time for the Gospel in the UK.  With new growth, many churches are left short of the "man power" needed to continue growing.  Michelle and I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to serve a church in Hereford, UK that is taking the Gospel to a people who desperately need it. The church is called Freedom Church.  In the last several years Freedom has seen amazing response to the Gospel.  With the help of Newspring Church and Perry Noble, Freedom have been able to plant campuses in Bristol, Cardiff, Brugge, Kampala Uganda, as well as maintain their main campus in Hereford.  Michelle and I will be working with the church in many different ways.  From working to add structure to the creative process for music and arts to cleaning bathrooms if it need be.  We will also be using this time as a chance to study ministry in the UK and sit under leaders who have been successful in introducing people to the Gospel there.

Because of the immense need for outreach and streamlined focus for the funds most employees at Freedom Church are not able to be paid full time.  In order to maintain that funds be used to directly impact the community, Michelle and I will continue to work in our individual fields as well as serve at the church. Because of visa restrictions our ability to work in the country will be heavily limited.  We will be limited to working 20 hours a week outside of the Church itself and only in a "Charity" or "Non-Profit" organization.   As I write this letter the USD to BPS (British Pounds Sterling) is 1=.6505.  Meaning that as soon as we are settled into the UK, $20,000 becomes £13009.82.   Because we will largely be earning money in USD and spending money in BPS our lifestyle will be taking quite a shift.  Because our church will be helping us remain a stable lifestyle when we arrive in the UK,  Michelle and I have felt the need to raise support for the actual move to Britain, and then maintain our own finances.  The current average price for a one way ticket to England is approximately $1400 each.  Along with that we will be paying heavy amounts of fees due to the amount of bags we will be taking over. (music gear, and clothing).  Michelle and I feel we need to raise approximately $5000 over the next month for our move. If you feel that you would like to share in our journey and support us financially, please visit  If you would first like to hear more about our journey please contact us at 704-578-3524 or email us at   If you are unable to support us financially we ask that you find time to pray for Freedom Church and our ministry there as we share the Gospel.  Thanks so much for your time.

With Love,

Mike & Michelle


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Hope this will help you get settled again. Welcome home!



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Happy New Year! Hope it's a great one.



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Merry Christmas! We miss you guys!



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Happy Thanksgiving!



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Miss you guys!



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