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Created by Brittany Anastacio on May 13, 2012

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**All Donations Have Gone Directly To Mike MacDonald To Support Him & His Family In This Time Of Need.

At this moment, we are no longer accepting donations. If you would like to support Mike, please get in contact with him directly (This can be done through Mike's Facebook page. Search Mike Allan MacDonald)

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A Message From Mike:

About 14 months ago I was diagnosed as having hepatitis C. which causes severe havoc to the liver along with a domino affect of other problems. Fortunately the diagnosis was made early and only a very small portion of my liver was damaged. Ironically though this proved to make a liver transplant premature and traditional drug treatments without prescription coverage would be too financially burdening. Some new drug treatments were as high as $5,000.00 a month. I was told by my highly respected liver specialist in Ottawa that if I could maintain myself on minor medications and a low salt/protein food regimen I could be eligible for a liver transplant in two to two and a half years.
I took the news as best I could and I continued to try to earn a living performing anywhere I could in Canada--hoping and dreaming for a financial break in other side projects. Unfortunately it was already an uphill battle. Years ago when I went public about being bi-polar manic depressive I found that it had interfered with my reputation as a desired headlining comedian and had even prevented me from getting certain jobs. I refused to back down despite ‘advice’ to the contrary and remain proud of the work I have done with ‘Stand Up For Mental Health’ which at it’s core attempts to eradicate the stigma of mental illness.
The downward economic times had been slowly getting worse and now several setbacks occurred as my liver began to affect certain aspects of my performances such as; energy, concentration, balance, and even my hearing. At one point I couldn’t perform for 3 months which put a humungous strain on my financial and marital situation.

Bonnie, my saint of a wife, who for years had begged me to move us back to Canada (something I should have agreed to years ago) struggled to keep us afloat and hold on to our modest home in Glendale California. On her two days off from her job (that doesn’t even pay to cover the mortgage) she continues to handle everything financially including our home renovations so we can hopefully sell it for a reasonable price and cut all our ties there. I certainly wasn’t helping much on the financial end. On one of few visits to see Bonnie over the last year I tripped over a curb and broke two ribs leading to more U.S. medical bills. After getting us out of credit card debt finally after the last three years Bonnie reluctantly jumped back into deep debt. My wife has been through hell and back so many times but she still hangs in there with me. I am so profoundly proud of her and will love her with all my heart and soul forever. Sometimes I feel like Job, from the bible, but I refuse to turn my back on God and continue every day to pledge to Bonnie that I will not give up this fight.

Thankfully over the last year with the occasional gig from Mark Breslin’s Yuk Yuk’s, my corporate agents Judy and Nancy at Callback Ent., and especially Matt Billon--who has taken chance after chance and gone with me on the road for several BlackJack Comedy Tours--I managed to send some money back to Bonnie. Unfortunately on the last Black Jack tour in B.C. in March, which took Matt and I to these tiny little venues and places--most I had never even heard of--which was fine for me--work was work and the audiences were great--I had an ‘incident’ on stage that was a result of a problem with my liver for some reason. I had no idea of the symptoms leading up to the ‘incident’ but for about a week I had experienced severe itching on my legs and I had been continually nodding off like a junkie. Matt and I shrugged it off as just being tired performing shows--28 shows in 28 towns in 30 days. During a performance about five days later I just flipped out on stage to the point where Matt had to pry the microphone out of my hand to stop me from repeating the set up for a joke for the umpteenth time. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. My fluids were flushed completely and I was put on heavy antibiotics. The doctors were unsure exactly what had happened but they speculated it was some kind of liver poisoning. I was released four days later and finished the tour on fumes and returned to Ottawa on April 1. I had a scheduled appointment with my liver specialist on April 11 and a airline ticket to go see Bonnie the next day back in California.

The final knock out punch for me came on April 5, around 11:00 p.m. I experienced pain in my stomach that felt like it was something trying to claw it’s way out. I would rank it up there with my old kidney stones, migraines or any other painful experience I’ve ever had. I was admitted into Ottawa’s General Hospital ICU unit. I had contracted a severe infection somehow that shut down my liver which in turn shut down my kidneys. By the end of my three week stay about 12 litres of infected fluid had been drained from my stomach and antibiotics were changed twice to combat the severity of the infection. Without going into the many gory details--I wouldn’t wish the entire experience on my worst enemy.

Four days after being released from the hospital I had an appointment with my liver specialist to access the multitude of test results. The news was devastating. I was told that the recent infection that I was recovering from was so severe that I couldn’t wait two years for a liver transplant. My specialist sent an e-mail to Toronto (they don’t do liver transplants in Ottawa) to begin procedures to possibly get me on the cadaver liver donor list. My specialist also told me that even though she had never had a patient die on her in this situation, it was an extremely long shot that another infection could be too strong for the antibiotics I was on and would kill me if I didn’t change my lifestyle dramatically.

From the very start of this whole thing I was not allowed to drive anymore. Now I can’t fly and shouldn’t travel--for any great length--for work or certainly not for any frivolous reasons. As far as performing my act--My specialist suggested I do it just in Ottawa (like it’s a 9-5 job I can show up and do it in the same place Monday through Friday) Even for work my specialist insisted I wait for a few months pending weekly blood tests and nutrition evaluations. (one of my favorites--I had to turn down Just for Laughs 30th Anniversary this year) Bonnie--who I haven’t seen since New Year’s Eve (we talk on the phone every day--thank God for cheap cell phone plans) immediately cashed out our retirement savings plans to maintain things for a few months so we don’t lose everything. God willing we can be reunited in Ottawa as soon as possible.

One bit of good news (I hope) I received a letter saying I have an appointment for an initial assessment to get on the donor list in Toronto on June 12. My brother John a.k.a. Johnny Vegas will drive me. I hope I get accepted. I have to admit for the first time in my life I’m really afraid--What if I don’t get accepted?--How long will it take if I do? Then there’s the guilt. There’s more deserving people on that list than me...

One ray of hope though is my specialist told me about living donors, which could possibly be a member of my family. Unfortunately my immediate family are all ineligible--Thus the main reason for this message but also the source of my struggle to find the right words to say. I’ve always prided my self for never taking hand outs and being self sufficient. At times I feel I’m going through these recent events in my life because of the sometimes unfeeling, cruel arrogance of my youth and no matter how many charity events or good things I’ve done in my life--I feel that maybe what is happening to me now is what I deserve. I am not without sin. Maybe it’s been so hard to write this message because I’m ashamed to ask for some thing I’m not sure I would have the courage to do myself. Maybe it’s the thought of everyone declining to help. In any case I just couldn’t ask like I was asking a simple favor despite any advice otherwise. I felt you had the right to know the story behind my situation. Simply put--I need a living donor...

You would have to be the same blood type as me: O Negative. (my specialist also mentioned something about O Positive maybe working too) The way it was explained to me by my specialist is that a portion of your liver would replace my liver then both the portion inside of me and the rest of your liver would regenerate to full size. The liver is one organ that is truly amazing in it’s abilities.

Obviously intent would be the first step towards tons of procedural red tape and logistics but one baby step at a time. I know this is not a normal thing to ask but I just simply don’t know what else to do.

Thank you for reading this and God Bless you all.



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Pissed my pants 30 years ago or so , at barrymores New Year's Eve party and is the best one I had ever had thanks to you and your air guitar on a tennis racquet ......Blushing bride was the band playing that night.......I still try and match that joy and laughter every New Year's Eve , to no avail ........please keep strong brother , not many comics like you left Thanks , Paul.

posted by Paul Pytura 14 months ago

i will pray for you sorry i cant donate at this time im fighting to pay my medical bills and get medication i need to fight my brain and.spinal cancer im dealing with i have set up a account also so all i can fo is sent my prays to ya

posted by Brandy Ogden 18 months ago

even facebook posted this message twice to make sure you get it! haha!

posted by Alison M 20 months ago

Hang in there! I've watched you on tv on Just for Laughs for years. I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Nobody deserves that. Stay strong! No matter what mistakes you have made in the past, you are still a good person. Know that and remember that.

posted by Alison M 20 months ago

Hang in there! I've watched you on tv on Just for Laughs for years. I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Nobody deserves that. Stay strong! No matter what mistakes you have made in the past, you are still a good person. Know that and remember that.

posted by Alison M 20 months ago

Hi, Mike I'm so very sorry you're having such a rough go of it right now. I've loved your comedy -- haven't seen you in person, but I've seen you many times on TV and you are consistently funny! I have type O-negative blood. The only problem is, I have ZERO money. If the national health service covers the expenses of donors as well as that of the patient needing the donated liver lobe, I would be willing to discuss this further. I am diabetic, but I don't think it would be all that much of an issue. My family and I have been going to the restaurant where Bonnie works for several years -- we had NO IDEA you and she were married! How cool is that?! She is so sweet. She strikes me as a very patient, kind person. Since I've worked in the design/build industry for many years (interior designer and construction manager), she and I have talked from time to time about interiors and remodeling. I'm sorry you have to put your Glendale home on the market, but if Canada can provide for you, i

posted by Cardinal Robbins 22 months ago

So sad to find out about your situation. Hopefully all will be resolved soon and the financial donations help you and Bonnie. You are my favorite comedian. I met you once after a gig at the Rotter's Club. Hoping that i We hear that you're on the mend soon.

posted by Vernon Ashby 22 months ago

Hi Mike, as a fellow Canadian and a person with Hepatitis C, I was/am very sad to hear that you have also contracted the disease and need treatment. Mike, for so long those of us infected with Hepatitis have needed someone like you to bring more awareness to Hepatitis C, as we all know HCV kills more people daily than HIV...we need to get out of the closet too, I am really hoping that spokesperson will be you...

posted by Beverly Burke 23 months ago

Saw you on Canada AM and truly sorry to hear of your situation. Years ago when I heard your routine about summer holidays when I lived in Ontario I thought this is my holiday story too with my sons. Years later I learned that we both were travelling to the same place! Met your parents here.....lovely people. I have piped at all of uncle's book launches. MAybe you need to be here in NS for the healing salt air! I am a donor as I know well the need. I will keep you in my prayers

posted by E Patricia MacKay 23 months ago

Mike, hang in there, i am 4 years now waiting on a kidney. we need the government to step up and make it aware how important it is that people sign their donor cards. life is so short as it is and i see so many people take that for granted. good luck with your transplant and may it come sooner than later. god bless

posted by Sheila Mason 23 months ago

Yah! Me too. I've been sitting on my floor for 10 months waiting for treatment and surgery. But this isn't about you Thor, nor me. Heres a tissue and a tiny violin. Soliciting on another's page is the height of rudeness and just plain shitiness. I wish you all the best but, bugger off. Now back to supporting Mike!

posted by Micaylah Groulx 23 months ago

I wish i had this kind of support. I lived my whole life in pain and just want to be at peace. Sorry for butting in on another donation but i'm desperate. Put (NeedHipSurgery) after gofundmedotcom to get to my donation page. Thank you.

posted by Leng Thor 23 months ago

Mike, I wish I had blood type O negative but I don't. I will donate though. I have a friend who had a lung transplant what a change it made, I am going to see him and we are having his 15th birthday with his new lung. Another fellow will be celebrating 1 year. I believe in the power of prayer as some have mentioned and you will be in mine as your wife Bonnie too. Keep smiling.

posted by Hugh McLeod 23 months ago

I say go for $60,000

posted by Trina Corkum 23 months ago

Accepting is great eh! Dr Florence Wong @ Toronto General is as Great and Beloved Doctor as you are a Comic! She is as Yoda to to a Padawan infant...Seek her out You Must..Hmmmm! Yes- Mike, you are the Best and deserve the Best. Dandelions are also an amazing aide to a liver need.

posted by David Finestone 23 months ago

I am so sorry to hear about what you are gong through. I was first introduced to you by my high school history teacher. And enjoyed your brand of comedy since that day. I always enjoy seeing you on JFL. I am O negative and would be honored to help out. It's the least I could do for all the years of laughter you have brought me. My thoughts are with you and your family.

posted by Mike Rhynold 23 months ago

Mike, I love your work. I've watched you since i was a kid and you're my FAVORITE comedian. I wish you and your family all the best. I don't know my blood type (I know, right?) I am currently looking into it. If i do have O negative or even O positive I will gladly donate my liver to you. You are the sole reason why I'm so funny. I got all that from watching you as a kid. Thank you so much and I wish you and your family all the best Stu Morrison.

posted by Stu Morrison 23 months ago

Mike I have been in your shoes. I was diagnosed with a liver problem that affected a lot of my body functions as well. Three years ago I got a call from the Toronto General to discuss a liver transplant to. In case your Doctor didn't tell you at the Toronto General , they are developing technology to regenerate your Liver. Heart, and lungs. I hope they are sending you to my Doctor there because he was honest and kept us informed, Something some Doctors sugar coat so they can make you feel good while they are giving you the bad news. It wound up that my problem fixed itself by growing four smaller veins around the blockage. I feel it was because I gave God all my problems and had a lot of people praying hard. It felt great when they told me I didn't have to have the surgery(transplant) and very happy so many people where sending there support. So Mike give God your troubles he will hear you, and make it easier for you to carry on. God Bless You and may he carry you over the tough time

posted by Mike Buker 23 months ago

Hey Mike, Good Luck, we are sure that you will be blessed with everything you need and your life will continue .... Live long and prosper Mike....

posted by Larry Phalen 23 months ago

Hay mike, have you ever heard of Rick Simpson oil? Research it.

posted by David McDonough 23 months ago

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John Tannahill

7 months ago


Wishing Mike all the best. Thank y0u for all the laughs over the years.




8 months ago



Sherry and Jody Johnson

10 months ago


Here's our monthly donation to the "get the king of canadian comedy's ass back on the stage fund". Can't wait to see you live again. Chin up, smile wide. How about an update on how you are doing?



Teresa Cerar

10 months ago


Best wishes! Teresa Cerar



Stephen Largy

11 months ago


Can't go to Ron James Fundraiser in Toronto tonight; however, here's my price of admission.




11 months ago



Joel Axler

11 months ago


Feel better, Mike!



Caroline Cormack

11 months ago


My sister and I still riff on routines of yours we saw on TV in the UK in the 80s. Thanks for all the laughs Mike. Consider this a residual!



Dennis Taylor

12 months ago


Hope this little bit helps, Mike. Get better soon.



Sherry and Jody Johnson

12 months ago


Heal up quick Mike. Wish we could donate more but we figure small regular donations are still helpful right? We will continue to donate monthly to ensure the King Of Canadian Comedy gets his ass back on the stage. Peace and Love from Saskatoon


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