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Maddie and her family have put up quite the fight against Pediatric Brain Cancer. When the spunky 16 year old was first diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor in the left... more


Updated posted by Nicole Sedlachek Behrends 9 months ago

Sadly, Maddie went to be with her Maker on Saturday, July 13. She was surrounded by her loved ones. Maddie fought a courageous battle with brain cancer. A fight that no 16 year old girl should EVER endure.

She is VICTORIOUSLY dancing, singing, and shining down on us from Heaven. The family is so very thankful for all the support they have received, both monetarily and through your words of prayer and encouragement.

We are HALF way to helping Maddie's family pay for her services. Keep on sharing and caring. God Bless



Updated posted by Nicole Sedlachek Behrends 9 months ago

Maddie will be moving from the Children's Hospital to Madonna Long Term Care Unit in Lincoln today. She will receive Hospice care and we continue to pray for comfort for Maddie and her family. Any donations are greatly appreciated as her family faces this difficult time.


Updated posted by Nicole Sedlachek Behrends 10 months ago

An update on Miss Maddie...please pray for her this weekend and Monday especially as she has another surgery. This will remove more of the tumor and bring her some relief. If you feel moved to share this, please do! Every little bit helps. With all of this going on, Joy is understandably not able to work on her business as much as she'd like. Any funds help her and the kiddos on the day to day expenses, bills, etc! Thank you!

Update from Joy tonight:
Maddie and I are at Children's in the ER. We couldn't quite control the pain with the meds we have at home and Maddie's anxiety about the surgery Monday is through the roof. She seems very confused too. Called the on call Dr for Hem/Onc and she agrees we should bring her in as there is nothing stronger than what we already have at home can be called in for her. It kinda stinks, but we are hoping they admit her until surgery Monday.

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Created by Nicole Sedlachek Behrends on April 3, 2013

Maddie and her family have put up quite the fight against Pediatric Brain Cancer.  When the spunky 16 year old was first diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor in the left thalamus in November of 2011, we told her to "Fight like a tiger", and she did just that.

Maddie went through surgery, chemo, and radiation treatments.  She endured more than any 16 year old should have to.  Throughout her fight, she maintained her "sass" and determination.  

Unfortunately, the tumor stopped responding to conventional therapies.  Maddie had hoped to have another surgery to remove more of the tumor.  However, the Dr.'s found that the cancer had spread into multiple tumors on her brain.  Her cancer has spread aggressively and Maddie is now receiving Hospice care.

Maddie's family is preparing to send her home to be with Jesus, a task that no family is ever prepared to do for a 16 year old child.  Maddie's fight with Pediatric Brain Cancer has left the family with many financial needs, including the need to pay for services.  Any assistance that you can provide will be very much appreciated.

Maddie also has a Wells Fargo account under Maddie Brown's Fight Fund.

Maddie will be moving to Madonna in Lincoln.  Please continue to send your prayers and love for Maddie.  Let her know that we appreciate the fighter that she is.  Maddie's story can be followed at:

Maddie with her mom, Joy and siblings, Isabell, Obi, and Jamie
Maddie on her 16th b-day (still just as sassy as she was as a little girl! :))


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hello maddie, my name is casey charf.. i am from Omaha, NE i was snooping through this site cause i too have a donation page. i was diagnosed with Pheochromocytoma in feburary of this year. i just want you to know that nothing can bring you down. you are beautiful, so beautiful and we cant let anything bring us down! us girls are strong i have faith in you, and your recovery. something about this page really inspired me, although i havent donated yet i plan too. i just want you to have faith in knowing you can do anything, be anything and over come anything in your way. dont ever give up girl! if you want to contact me and chit chat more my facebook is linked to this just find me on there and we can chat!! have a wonderful day beautiful!!

posted by Casey Charf 12 months ago

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Brad Nelson

4 months ago


My long-time girlfriend passed away one year ago from cervical cancer that spread to her brain. She fought "the Monster" every step of the way for fourteen months. Maddie also fought as hard as she could and is now in a place that we all hope to be when it's our time. Please continue to live your lives like Maddie would want you too and remember that memories last forever as does life in heaven.




8 months ago



Judi Wittwer

9 months ago


The loss of Maddie leaves a great void. I wish you comfort now and in the days ahead. I look forward to helping Bella and Obi at school.



Controlled Air

9 months ago




9 months ago




9 months ago



Charles Parlee

9 months ago



Chrisenda Smith

9 months ago


Dear Joy and Family, your beautiful Maddie has touched so many hearts and I do believe that she will continue to do so. You are in our thoughts and prayers, Mike and Chris Smith



Anthony Vaccaro

9 months ago




9 months ago


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