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Donate $5 and receive Honorable Mention on the Liberty Flag and Specialty Co. website. We started this company 29 years ago with just $15. I purchased a USA flag and went door to door... more


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What a great 4th of July Holiday we had yesterday. God Bless America and thank you for all your support!


Updated posted by David Gonzalez 21 months ago

Thank you Brad D. for the first donation towards saving Liberty Flag & Specialty Co.


Created by David Gonzalez on July 2, 2012

Donate $5 and receive Honorable Mention on the Liberty Flag and Specialty Co. website.

We started this company 29 years ago with just $15. I purchased a USA flag and went door to door until I sold it, which took 30 days.  We grew to where we were mailing over 1 million of our flag catalogs each year. Our success helped in raising our eight children, who also all worked in our company. 

My wife Kathy and I are both ex Air Force, and I am a Vietnam Veteran.

We are fully intending to stay in business, and this reorganization is to ask the court for help in paying our creditors evenly so that we go another 29 years!

All of our US Flags are 100% manufactured in the USA!

Our recent story starts with the import of US Flags from foreign nations, undercutting the high quality and workmanship of US made flags.  Also, with the tightening of credit that affected most of our suppliers in this industry, we were required to bring our accounts in line with the new tighter restrictions on credit. 

We’ve reduced our staff by 50%, sold off our corporate office building, and have done all we can to pay back our existing creditors.  In the process our company is on the mend, successfully coming back from what has looked like a forced closing for 2 years. 

We attempted to avoid Chapter 11 filing for those 2 years, and have been very successful in paying off creditors in the process.  However, to avoid a potential court ordered liquidation at this present time, thereby hurting our few remaining creditors from being satisfied, and the closing of our family business, we choose to legally reorganize and pay our creditors in an organized fashion.  It is not something that we wanted to do, but there was no other choice for us to make.  That is why we are asking for your help.

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I know it's not much but I hope it helps!




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The Americans before me sacrificed their lives for my freedom the least I can do is sacrifice a few luxury's to keep America Free! I do not want to be enslaved to any foreign nation, China or otherwise! I believe Americans deserve a good wage and good jobs. I will choose to pay American prices to keep it that way! God Bless America and Happy 4th of July!!



Brad D

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Here's to the American Dream!


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