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I believe that technology is a tool for radical change. So… I took a leap, quit my job and enrolled in a class to grow my tech skills in order to create the change I'd like to see in our... more


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Updated posted by Krys Freeman 5 months ago

I'm not sure how gratitude is best quantified, but I have to say I am humbled, over and over again by each and everyone of you that have contributed to this effort. I'm almost halfway to my goal!

I'm STILL taking feedback, happy to answer your questions about the app and generally want to hear from you!

Also, I have a few more rewards to add for the non-techies out there. Interested in a public speaking coaching session? Need a fresh fade and a connect?

Something else? Let me know, I'll tap my network for the folks who have the skills, and get a reward added to make it happen!

UPDATE: Next week I will pitch HeLLa Rides to my class. I've been user testing the app with dozens of folks, at the VERGE conference last week, at the Black Girls Code App Workshop, as well as the Who's Who in Tech Diversity Mixer last weekend.

I'll ask my classmates to tape it so I can share it with ya'll for feedback.

Until we next chat... THANK YOU. SO. MUCH. for your support and believing in me.

P.S. Happy Halloween


@StephenJCogswell (twitter) the Corgie


Updated posted by Krys Freeman 6 months ago

Thank you to all of the contributors over the weekend: Stephan Mitchell, Eb Brown, Renicia Gray, Ms. Rosetta Coley, Moya Bailey and a few awesome folks who prefer to remain anonymous.

Every last offering is helpful and I am grateful to each of you for encouraging me forward.

UPDATE: I recently completed a second pass on creating an interactive demo (recent as in yesterday). I know at least Ms. Rosetta has had an opportunity to test out the original version - but this one's even better.

For those of you who haven't yet, feel free to give it a spin. (Hint: It is best viewed on your mobile phone.) I'd love to hear any feedback or questions you have: http://invis.io/7NIQIDGC

Add it on the platform OR send it directly via email.

P.S. With the gracious support of a bunch of entrepreneurs in my midst, we'll be adding a few more rewards to make this effort more accessible to potential contributors that may not need web work right now. Stay tuned!


HeLLa Rides Interactive Demo: 10.13.2013


Updated posted by Krys Freeman 6 months ago

I want to give a huge thanks to my most recent Angel Funders: Sé Sullivan, Kim Glanville, Mekhi Baldwin, Kelly Lewis and Elliot Owen.

Thank you ALL for respectively being really awesome people in my life, for supporting my work and contributing to my vision.

UPDATE: I just completed an early pass at wireframes for my carpool mobile app #HeLLaRides. Will your commute be impacted if a BARTStrike happens? Will you tell me how in the comments below?


Hella Rides wireframes. Draft 1.

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Created by Krys Freeman on October 8, 2013

I believe that technology is a tool for radical change. So… I took a leap, quit my job and enrolled in a class to grow my tech skills in order to create the change I'd like to see in our communities. Will you help me cover the cost of this class? In exchange, I offer my existing skills and my time.

Your Passion Can Change Your World
"After graduating from Occidental in the throes of a recession, and moving to the Bay Area from LA with literally nothing, my passion for technology was how I pulled myself out of poverty. I was able to get a job – and work through it – while also creating a life for myself using self-taught tech in my spare time." But, now, I dream of doing even more.

Dream Big.
I've been able to get myself pretty far with my self taught technology skills - I've done really awesome work with lots of great people. I own more than a dozen domain names. I've built probably just as many websites, facebook pages and twitter accounts to match - a lot of those for a lot of you all. I've been directly involved with producing a handful of hackathons, contributed to a few apps, advised on the product development of a few others and successfully prototyped one of my own. And yet, I'm sure I can be doing more.

There is web development that I have not done - information I do not have, doors that (even for a techie like me) need a little more prying before they're fully open.

Dream Bigger.
In September, I signed up for a class in "Product Management" at General Assembly in San Francisco. It meets twice weekly and lasts for 10 weeks.

At the end of the class I will be expected to present my project idea to the class for feedback, and thereafter, will move the app from idea to application - starting here in the Bay Area.

My Project is called Hella Rides
Hella Rides is a carpool mobile app that lets all of us get where we need to go, on time and at prices we can afford.


Today - I humbly ask for your support. In order to execute my project ideas - and yours.

In exchange for your gifts, I'd like to offer mine
I've created a variety of rewards that will allow me to provide my resources in exchange for your support. In some cases, it is putting you in touch with some of the other amazing people that I know here in the Bay Area (or around the world). In other moments it is exchange for a skillshare offering (more soon).

For higher price points, I will provide a 1-on-1 tech strategy session for you (or someone you choose) or use my skills to build you something.

Time is Money
When I landed in the Bay Area I went from having no jobs and no contacts, to three jobs and a growing group of amazing friends. Each year I got closer to doing work that was not only in my sweet spot of technology and project management skills, but also in line with my pursuit of strategic ways to drive efficiency around issues I care about: accurate representation visibility for gay and transgender people, environmental sustainability, and social change, just to name a few.

I am making a decision to start that journey over, with a clearer set of objectives, a larger network of contact to help me bring these ideas to fruition and... hopefully... you in my corner.

Thank you for reading, contributing what you can AND sharing with your friends.


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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So excited for you ... from your number 1 fan! Also ... if anyone's interested in seeing any of Krys' web work before purchasing any of the tumblr specials, check these sites out --> http://khafra.co + http://ardorbrand.com + http://lulamaebakes.com + http://shop.oaklandsurfclub.co m ... and I'm sure she'll be willing to show you other client work.

posted by Carrie Kholi 6 months ago

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Happy Birthday, Krys. Proud of you, friend!




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2009 CUAV Print


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Thanks for answering my random tech questions. Continue to thrive!




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"I came here to give you this."



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Buena Suerte!



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May abundance be yours as you work to change your own life and thereby change your community and then the world.



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I wish you the best!


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