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Dear friends of Khabir and Ceri (Jones) Salahadyn, Khabir was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. He and Ceri are seeking further information and treatment without the benefit of heal... more


Updated posted by Ceri Jones Salahadyn 21 months ago

Dearest family and friends,

Khabir Salahadyn. Magnificent, father, husband, son, brother, friend and wisdom bearer, passed on from our earthly realm last Friday June 29th at 7.38pm, at the “Copper House” Hospice in Mesa Arizona. Khabir was 38 years old.

**For Memorial and Donation Details see below

As many of you know, 5 months ago, while Khabir and I were living in Denver Colorado, he received a misdiagnosis of Kidney Stones. Further to continuing symptoms, 5 weeks later, a scan revealed a picture of severe Liver Cancer.

Known as a terminal diagnosis by the conventional medical Docs, there were no cures or treatments available within this realm and removing a part of the Liver was not an option. For all those that knew and came to know Khabir, you know that the terminal nature of this disease was not something Khabir would accept by someone just telling him so. He had to explore the possibilities for himself and try with all his might to make it a different outcome!

Within two weeks of Khabir’s diagnosis and thanks to the help of an enormous and miraculous community engagement effort we had packed up The Collaboratory our 7,500 sq ft live / work space and were heading towards an open door of Hope and Healing within the realms of alternative and naturopathic possibilities in Mesa, Arizona.

We made the trip in our Working Art truck, a 22ft beautiful old Mack Daddy, fully loaded with all the necessary Working Art, tools and equipment that would allow us to produce and keep “Making Ideas Tangible” with Working Art from wherever we needed to be in order to seek the very best outcome for Khabir. From the time of Khabir’s diagnosis our journey has been nothing other than God Blessed! Each and every step of the way, we received the very best care and treatment opportunities available for Khabir.

The Working Art truck is Khabir’s time capsule, his freedom, his ability and capacity to produce, create and teach wherever he was and it will be immortalized in that role, as the momentum of Working Art and Khabir’s Legacy continues on in whatever way the good lord directs it!

To Review Khabir’s Life Work please visit all the Working Art Web sites and links below.

The Working Art truck was our portal for our journey to Arizona from our home in Colorado and will be the portal for the last stage of Khabir’s Journey home to Mississippi. Myself, a family member from the UK (my cousin Loraine Dowset) and a dear friend of Khabir’s (Johnny Caston) will be personally transporting Khabir to his memorial service in the Working Art truck from Arizona to Mississippi starting this Thursday.

Details for Khabir’s Memorial and Much Needed Funds Below:

Khabir Memorial Service Details:
Monday July 9th 2012
11am @ Faith Church
6398 Medgar Evers Blvd
Jackson, MS 39204

Burial following @
Autumn Woods Cemetery
4000 W Northside Dr.
Jackson, MS 39213

Repass following Burial at the home of Khabir’s brother Rahim and sister in law Syretta Salahadyn
515 Merriweather Dr.
Jackson, MS 39212

For further information regarding the Memorial services in Mississipi please contact.
Rahim Salahadyn, 601-665-9037, or
Syretta Salahadyn, 601-906-8306

Much Needed Donation Details
We have decided not to use Go Fund Me at this particular time as the Green Dot process aligns far more closely to our needs at this time and offers tremendous savings in process fees and time.

We have set up a Green Dot Card that allows us to gain access to all donations quickly and within a couple of simple steps.

Donation Process

Purchase what’s called a green dot “Money Pak” at any Walmart or thousands of other participating stores click here for a store locator https://www.moneypak.com/StoreLocator.aspx

You can purchase a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $1,000 on one “Money Pak”

Then simply text, call or e mail me with the ACTIVATION # of your “Money Pak”
And zip code of purchase and we will process the funds to the card on your behalf and be able to access those donations immediately.

303-994-0649 to Text or call with the ACTIVATION # and Zip code


ceri@thecollaboratory.com with the ACTIVATION # and Zip code

We understand that even though the “Money Pak” process is the most optimal way for Donations at this time, that some may wish to send a check, which is fine. All checks can be mailed to Ceri Jones Salahadyn at 455 W Baseline Road, Mesa AZ 85210 USA.

If by any chance there are funds remaining after all expenses are taken care of, those funds will be used for Working Arts continuing mission to teach tools to our young and older brothers and sisters, that help to make them “Productive World Agents” (see http://www.thecollaboratory.com/Ability_Center.html)

Infinite Love and Gratitude!

Khabir & Ceri


Updated posted by Ceri Jones Salahadyn 22 months ago

Happy Father’s Day, to Khabir and all!

Honor and appreciation to all our fathers.

Khabir is the proud father of two incredible children. Khabir’s first born, Jarrad, has just completed his first year at Howard University. A young man that astounds and inspires Khabir with each and every authentic and intentional step he takes. And, Aysia, as bold and as beautiful, as her being just 11 years old.

As Khabir sports his “Grateful Dad” sun cap each day, he reminds me of the richness, love and extraordinary expanse he brings to so many of our lives in each moment of every day. Not just as a Dad to his own children but as a bright expansive being of Wisdom that he so generously shares with everyone he meets.

As we all pray and give thanks for our Fathers, on this Fathers day, I ask that we each spare a thought and a pray for Khabir, that supports and surrounds him with continued strength, hope, and perseverance in his current journey of healing and renewed life.

Our love and Gratitude
Khabir & Ceri


Updated posted by Ceri Jones Salahadyn 23 months ago

Hello dear friends and family,

There is an old Chinese proverb that says: “Leap and the bridge will appear”. Three weeks ago in Denver, Khabir was managing his pain with a daily dose of morphine, as the conventional Doctors advised us that within their realm of medicine, there were no conventional cure’s available for Khabir’s Liver Cancer diagnosis. That he had approximately 6 months to live and was advised to take a prolonging Chemotherapy that at best would further his life by 4 months and bring with it, a whole load of potentially, debilitating side effects!

Thanks to a loving team of God’s helpers in giving, action and prayer, from Colorado to all over the World, three weeks later in Mesa, Arizona, Khabir, with an extended team of God’s helpers, located at www.thenaturalchoiceclinic.com is miraculously resolving his physical discomfort with Naturopathic protocols. With a mantra of “Infinite Love and Gratitude” Khabir is diligently, processing an extremely intense regime in which his body and emotional channels are being cleansed to accept the vital nutrients, needed to allow his body to heal itself!

As the good lord, supports our path in “Making a Tangible Way”, that’s being clearly demonstrated with Khabir’s beautiful and miraculous healing process, as well as the doors that are opening for us to build on Working Art’s momentous work to date with opportunities to build on that momentum, here in AZ. In the interim we are in need of a little more support from our community to revitalize a renewed surge of fundraising as we continue Khabir’s healing momentum and allow the vitality of time to take its course!

In the right “Now” we ask that everyone that can and is willing, please help us to continue this miraculous healing process by making a donation of whatever you can.

Infinite Love and Gratitude!

Khabir & Ceri


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Created by Ceri Jones Salahadyn on April 24, 2012

Dear friends of Khabir and Ceri (Jones) Salahadyn,

Khabir was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. He and Ceri are seeking further information and treatment without the benefit of health insurance. On top of this, they need to find a new place to live and work by May 1 and vacate their current live/work space by May 6. They urgently need your help! Here are several ways that you can make a positive difference in their lives TODAY:

- Make a cash donation by clicking the Donate button on this page or by writing a check payable to "Khabir or Ceri (Jones) Salahadyn" and mailing it to 7045 E 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80207. Your gift of $100, $500, $1000, or whatever you can give will provide resources that immediately impact Khabir and Ceri's lives. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.

They also urgently need the following. Can you help or provide the contact information of others who might be able to help?

- Storage space: (500 to 3,000 sq ft) to store equipment and furnishings prior to vacating their current space on May 6.

- Living and work space: (2,000 sq ft or more). Industrial space is ideal for the type of large-scale work they do.

- Moving help:  Boxes and packing material, packing, loading, and transport.

- Projects:  Commissioned work for your home or business.

- Sharing: We encourage you to share this message with everyone in your network.

- Praying: All your prayers for healing and wellbeing are deeply appreciated!

Please send your ideas and offers of assistance to Ceri by email at ceri@thecollaboratory.com or call her at (303) 994-0649. You can read the full communication within the news section at www.thecollaboratory.com.

- Attend the Art Sale on Thursday, May 3rd at 5:00 p.m. The Salahadyns will be hosting a sale of their one-of-a-kind art boutique pieces at their living/work space The Collaboratory --the firehouse at 7045 E 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80207. They will be selling sculptures, furniture, jewelry, and other art pieces, in addition to furnishings and equipment. You can view the types of pieces that will be on sale at www.shop.thecollaboratory.com.

Your donation of cash, storage space, living/working space, or moving assistance will make a world of difference to this amazing couple.

Thank you so much for your help.


Friends of Khabir and Ceri

P.S.  We know this is an unusually difficult time for many of us financially, but please help in any way you can.




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have a heart <3

posted by Patrick Jarenz Ortega 24 months ago

Khabir and Ceri, you may not remember me, but I work across the street and we've met a couple of times. I know you'll probably get inundated with information over the next several weeks, but my family recently learned a great deal when a family member was diagnosed with lymphoma. I strongly encourage investigating Gerson Therapy and the RAVE Diet, both tout the cancer-fighting benefits of organic fruits and vegetables. We also have a friend who has been battling liver cancer (pretty successfully) for over a year with the help of a milk thistle extract supplement called "Protandim". We know a doc in Littleton who works in the natural medicine field, so please feel free to contact me if you're interested in contacting her. Best wishes. You're in our thoughts.

posted by Kevin Warner 24 months ago

Maybe you could also check out www.CoverColorado.org - it's insurance for the uninsurable, and really helped us once in a time of need. May each day give you patience, courage and strength.

posted by Susan Boyle 24 months ago

So very sorry to hear the news. Nikki and I would like to help with the moving if needed as well as any other support we can offer. Please let me know how we can help. If you are thinking of an art auction to raise money I would be happy to donate art to the cause. Stay strong. Many thoughts of love and healing.

posted by Brian Wall 24 months ago

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buy yourself a nice hot chocolate Ceri.xxx



Tracey Spiller

21 months ago


we love you sooooooooooooo much



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Lisa Bilotta

22 months ago


I have not met you but you are both in my heart!



Nikki and Brian Wall

22 months ago


You are in our thoughts -- we think of you often. All our best -- Nikki and Brian




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Tubman Hilliard Global Academy

22 months ago


Stay strong, We Luv you guys!!!



Kaia Nesbitt

22 months ago


Sending healing energy, strength and friendship your way.


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