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September 2011: a big breakfast bout-watching party for WFTDA Western Regionals. While we sit around eating eggs and blueberry pancakes, I casually point at the screen and say: 'This... more


Created by Jen Heath on April 10, 2012

September 2011: a big breakfast bout-watching party for WFTDA Western Regionals. While we sit around eating eggs and blueberry pancakes, I casually point at the screen and say:


'This time next year, I'm going to be there, in one of those pink NSO shirts.'


Easy said, right? But I'm determined to make it happen! I have my international flights booked, but I've found the peril of being self-employed - no annual leave. I'm going to be away for four weeks, going to four HUGE regional tournaments, and I'd love all the help the derby world can offer me to get me there!


Even so...derby is all about giving back. So in return for all your generous donations, once we hit $500, I pledge that every intra-league* game I ref this year (for Sun State, for NBR, for ANYONE) will be reffed wearing...these.


Update: We hit the $500 mark! And here are the tights :) Enjoy!


It's not all about me, either. As far as I can tell, there are very few officials from Australia who have visited the states to officiate - Templa Tantrum at the World Cup, our lovely boys at the Dust Devil, and of course Spot'er. I'm going to be going to all four Regional tournaments, and meeting top refs and NSOs from all across the country - and then I'll be sharing them with the Australian officials. I've got hopes, dreams and plans to set up mentor-relationships, to open up the lines of communication across the Pacific, to make sure that people *can't* forget about our little country on the bottom of the world.


I really hope you'll help me out!


* Note - that's intra-league (home teams) only. No amount of money that *anyone* throws at me will convince me to wear those tights to TGSS. Very sorry to disappoint.


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22 months ago



Jude Tsai

22 months ago


$1 for every point your league scored against us.



Templa Tantrum

22 months ago



GoGo Kilt'em

23 months ago


I wana see pics of those leggins and can't wait to meet you in Oakland.



Matthew and Kirri

24 months ago


Rock 'em Jen!




24 months ago


Will be cool to see you live on DNN as well!




24 months ago


Wear them at TGSS! Weeearrr themmm!!!




24 months ago


<3 Much love to you Jen



Ven Detta

24 months ago


For the "Point & Yell" fund.



The Punchuator

24 months ago


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