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My name is Jeska Savage and I am asking for everyone to pitch in a bit each so we can help my dear friend Susie (The Viking Goddess of Jones Hall) pay for the surgery she needs to remove... more


Updated posted by Jeska Savage 11 months ago

I am going to go ahead and call this adventure all done! I am so very proud of all of you and hope you will continue to be helpers! Love and Peace to you all and just one more time, Thank You!


Updated posted by Jeska Savage 12 months ago

Its a beautiful thing! Setting a Goal and reaching it, NO! Surpassing it!
You all get to put that on your life's I did it! board. Susie has had her second surgery and is SEEING out of both eyes for the first time in years! She told me she wakes up every day feeling Blessed and Thankful and that she will always be glad to be surrounded by all the love you share!

Well, there is a few more weeks for all the healing to finish and things to settle out before she can be fitted with new glasses to sharpen things up. We expected that and are looking forward to it. That will put the final done stamp on Project Susie.

Keeping up with the where the money went, here is the second eye totals
Kinda like college, the first class is the most expensive!

Pre op physical 29.00
Surgical suite and lens 1380.00
Anesthesiologist 200.00 (200.00 discount for paying in cash the day before!)
Surgeon's fees (includes three follow up visits) 629.00
Three prescriptions for post surgery were donated! That would have been 325.00
Susie was given Medicare rates by the eye doctor and the surgical center.
So the total for eye 2 is 2238.00

for both it was 4994.00 , we guessed that pretty close! Now, one more doctor visit and new glasses!


Updated posted by Jeska Savage 12 months ago

Susie had her 2nd surgery yesterday and her first follow up today. All is well and with a little healing time we'll know how the 2nd eye is doing. Looks good so far! Thank you yet again for everything!

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Created by Jeska Savage on December 4, 2012

My name is Jeska Savage and I am asking for everyone to pitch in a bit each so we can help my dear friend Susie (The Viking Goddess of Jones Hall) pay for the surgery she needs to remove her cataracts. Susie has been gallantly struggling along for quite awhile now but the cataracts in both eyes have progressed to the point that she is mostly blind now and things are just getting worse.  We have found a Doctor and all we need now is the money. Your donation will go directly to pay for Susie's surgery and any medication costs. This surgery will make sure that Susie will be able to keep working and supporting herself. Susie has no insurance, like so many of us, and she would never ask for herself so I'm asking for her. Please send a bit to help Susie see.

We have met our goal for one eye! Please forgive me for being happy-excited and raising the goal to try to get both of Susie's eyes fixed! She truly deserves to see fully and correctly. 

Thank you so much, truly, truly, love and kindness are in our world.



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Thank you so much! We are on our way to making that Doctor's appointment! I just heard they will take a 50% down payment and let us pay out the rest so keep spreading the word!

posted by Jeska Savage 16 months ago

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Seeing Susie always makes my day better. Good luck with the upcoming surgery! :)



Nancy Wilson

15 months ago


I am so glad you did this for Susie! You are a wonderful friend, Jess! Love and healing thoughts to you both!!!!



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15 months ago


Sending positive and healing energy your way, Susie!



Britt Patterson

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we Love you, Susie! Namaste :)




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