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Labor Day weekend 300 kids/students broke in and vandalized a residence that has been our home since 1981. They were drinking (underage), doing drugs, selling drugs and destroying proper... more


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Created by Brian Holloway Jr on September 18, 2013

Labor Day weekend 300 kids/students broke in and vandalized a residence that has been our home since 1981. They were drinking (underage), doing drugs, selling drugs and destroying property. It appears to be over $20,000 in damage to the home. We're looking for donations to help with damages to the home and more importantly to help with funding to start the Help Me Save 300 movement. Underage drinking and the lack of sheer responsibility these students have shown is a problem, it's time to change. The time is now. I do know for a fact, if I do nothing, if we do nothing regarding these 300 students, we will have missed our chance to take a stand for their future.

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I am so sorry for your loss brother! It is absolutely, with-out-a doubt, THE CALLING CARD of darn near everyone born after 1990perhaps even earlier. In regards to the broken piston, that is parenting that's in the engine that's life(I believe it's intentional to keep certain classes of people as poor and immobile as possible. All these idiot kids whom can't even make themselves make their bed, or brush their teeth ( another messed up fact on people since the mid 90speople just let them fall out. Because, IMHO , as a child they got used to just being taken and never paying, or even graciously thanking-and then they just don't brush or take care of things till something hurts, Women are 87% easier to brain wash than a mix that with EVERY SHOW for young girls is PREGNANT PREGNANT PREGNANThonestly a girl in town here, was 9 months and just too stupid to know. (her parents should never been allowed to breed) WE need to have a 3 year moratorium on births period, this nation is collapsing and it makes sense in everyday to lower population peacefullyButI JUST HOPE ALL YOU TEEN MOMS KNOW YOUR LIFE IS RUINED. YOU HAVE DESTROYED ANY DREAM YOU EVER HAD. IF YOU ARE A DECENT Just DECNT HUMANthat baby is ALLLLLL you think about. REad about.(no sweetie not wikipediatry this..its made out of paperno hun, there are no buttons" Something similar is being done today. I am sure you have all noticed how "BABY CRAZY" (actually use those wordsand men have gotten even dumber than the girls-because they hear that and instead of the old standard of RUNNING AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CANthese little morons who are so fascinated with their Newly furred underwear acorn. I mean, it's not going to affect him at all, (he'll be told later this magic force that sends money and doctors is the GovernmentWOW that's how your baby got an amnio, WOW that's how I didn't die from a paper cut thanks to antibiotics from who??? Thanks GovernmentDon't tell FOX News they'll call you a communist! lol)ANyways these schmuch kids can go home to his divorced mother's house and play video gamestrying to ignore his mother quietly getting drunk and shopping on the internet. "really mom? You made Daddy leave for this??? THe girls now sleep on the first date. If they don't its really an exception and you have NO style, class, or confidence if it happens more than once. UNLESS YOu purposely date A (as in one at a time) moral, up-standing, self-respecting,generous , kind of woman. They are out there..but rare. Also a lot of the time they are highly religiousso there goes the intelligent part of her package. But not everyone needs a smart girl, perhaps you are attracted to simplicity. WHY haven't those monsters been prosecuted. Were one of your kids there and so you don't want to involve him/her?? Also if you think your 15 year old daughter is a virginHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA God, that's hilarious. ON average the age is 12 now. Starting at 7. Due to the poison water children drink, that is full of female hormones(um..used birth control pills) and growth hormone in everything. Girls and boys are maturing faster and faster and earlier and earlier. Some boys are being born with undescended testicles from birth control in the water. It's a concerted effort, by the media, the schools, the government, the FDA, the major food corporations etcto keep this all as quite as they can about the fact they are literally causing boys to be extremely effeminate, or full on gay. (I don't want to debate the go-no-where, "born that way" or "someone touched him." (which that at least is backed by science. There were always and will always be homosexualsthe massive, massive, ( my gay friends call it a Gaysplosion for lack of a better term. It's the food. Tv. culture, and mostly water. (I am not anti gay, don't care at all but this is science I am talking aboutAll 6 of my male gay friends and all 4 lesbians told me they were "explored" by a older person when they were quite young. But it felt good to them, so they never told anyone or thought of it as molestation/child rape ( yeahthere's logicwell it felt good so he wasn't a bad guy so I wasn't molested, I went alongblah blahyeah keep telling yourself that sweetie, I say to her.Same deal with the guys. Someone came in and played with their willies. Everyone knows it feels good to have your willy well treated) So the point is (these kids got their biological pleasure box touched or activated the first timeand it's like bird ,upon leaving the eggit bonds to what it seems. My male gay friends all know and admit this recruiting stuff. They just don't tell straight folks because you wouldn't let them take your 8-year-old fishing. (that being said, I myself was VERY educated as a child about molestation, and i made it clear I knew if I ever got weird vibes

posted by Darkie Colored 4 months ago

I'm assuming there isn't a mortgage on this home. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be homeowners insurance. Same if there were a fire. I completely blame the perps, but this is also negligence on the homeowners behalf.

posted by Dennis Walter 7 months ago

Those kids and their parents should be ashamed. I am not usually much enamored of sports figures but you are an amazing man and a role model for young and old alike. I don't believe in Karma but I do believe in the God of the Bible and believe you will be blessed for the way you have handled this.

posted by Heidi Hugli 7 months ago

Don't live too far away, was kind of shocked to see so many kids in the area do such a thing, but since I graduated slowly and gradually the classes behind me have been getting worse attitude wise and behavior wise. I wish I could donate right now but I just do not have the funds, I really hope you raise your goal price and if you ever need help supporting a local event I do live nearby don't be afraid of getting a hold of me, God bless you and what you're doing!

posted by Brendan Stroffoleno 7 months ago

Well, the whole world has changed!! My dad would have seen to it that I would be grounded. Then I would have had to apologize for what I did and the I would have had to help clean up what I did. I wonder what the parents of these kids would have done if it had been their house. Sounds like they are the new generation of no rules and lousy parenting. Makes me sick how the some of the parents reacted. Wouldn't it have been cool if they had apologized and fixed what they did. s

posted by Rexene Kvien 7 months ago

These kids are a prime example of poor parenting. What they did is considered a felony! Their parents should be whipping their kids' asses instead of negatively reinforcing their idiotic behavior! NO judge or jury in their right mind should even waste tax payers' money with an unneeded court case. I've got a great idea. Get all of these idiot kids together and make them help rebuild whatever they destroyed in that home, then throw in about 300 hours of community service for each of them. Maybe this will teach them to respect other people's property in the future. Their parents are worried about this affecting their chances at college? Haha, your kids shouldn't even be allowed into a college when they commit felonies.

posted by Jereme Wallis 7 months ago

Strongly recommend you file charges against all of those little b*******. They think threatening you is a strategy, and they are wrong. Dont let them and their pathetic parents try to bully you. File criminal charges against all of them over 16 and against the parents for negligent supervision and against their homeowner's insurance against those under 16. Good luck sir and God Bless!

posted by John Moroney 7 months ago

Shame on those kids and their shameful parents alike! They further exploit this entire catastrophe by threatening the owner! No wonder these kids act like vandals. Look at their role model parents who act like they are the victims. Saddens me deeply. Those parents need to get their lazy self to the owners house while dragging their kids by the ear and get that place cleaned up! I hope the owner sues each and every childs parent for damages insued. May justice be on your side Mr Holloway!

posted by Veronica Calandra 7 months ago

Since it has been reported that their parents are threatning to take you to court I would file charges because the parents are not doing there job, I have had my house broken into and kid was caught got a slap on the wrist went out a few months later and beat a elderly man in a break in maybe just maybe it will turn one around and some one else will not pay for not learning there are penalties for breaking the law

posted by Mike Willett 7 months ago

Every one of the "children" present should be charged with felony criminal mischief and any of them over 16 should be charged in adult court. Maybe then they would learn that there are consequences associated with this type of behavior. As for their parents, and especially those complaining about Mr. Holloway identifying their little darlings, they should be charged with felony criminal stupidity for not stepping up and seeing to it that every single area of Mr. Holloway's home is restored to pristine condition. The parents and their reactions are even more ridiculous than the conduct of their spawn.

posted by Mike Penn 7 months ago

The kids and their behavior, not surprising. Disrespectful, destructive, and thoughtless - fits the profile for many immature teenagers. The parents on the other hand, and I use the word "parent" loosely, who seem more concerned about their teens being held accountable - pathetic. They are the reason why a license, permit, or IQ test should be required to have kids.

posted by Kelly Rudnick 7 months ago

These kids should be taken behind the woodshed and taught a lesson, the taken to clean up their damage but the parents are afraid of their kids. No wonder the country is in the crapper! I would hate to be raised in this generation. Sad is what it is!

posted by Tim Brown 7 months ago

The kids posted pictures of themselves on Twitter. The parents should be upset at their kids for several reasons, first committing a crime, and secondly posting pictures of said crime on the internet.

posted by Sandra MacKinney 7 months ago

Sue the homeowner, get real, where are the parents. No wonder kids kill other kids. These kids were not raised properly they are like animals. Come parents take care of your kids. They deserve some jail time

posted by Marilyn Petrik 7 months ago

I am 63 years old. When I was about 14 years old, boys a year older than me threw eggs and stuff at my neighbors house across the street...she was a teacher. She recognized them and reported them...the next day, they and their mothers were across the street scrubbing the walls. And, these parents were ALL doctors, lawyers, etc. But, in all fairness to them, there was NO backtalk or nonsense...the parents KNEW their kids were wrong and that was that. Today, NO parents want to take responsibility OR ask their children to sad and so scary for this country's future.

posted by Betsy Heckman 7 months ago

I seen this on the news and it is horiffic not only what they did to your home but the reactions of their so called parents.The parents need to wake up and take responsibility.What kind of parent gets upset at you,this just boggles my mind.If I would have done something like this my Dad would have dragged my butt to your house to help clean up then a visit to the police wonder the kids act that way with the type of parents they have.Good luck with your home and hope some people learn a valuable lesson.

posted by David Schacht 7 months ago

That's just horrible!!!!

posted by Geri Pritchard Reyes 7 months ago

Are you kids had their share of trouble but I NEVER bailed them out. 20K/$300 = $67.00 each kid. Suggest the kids start a collection to reimburse the insurance company for the loss. Most of these kids will get tons of money in their birthday or Christmas Cards, let alone from actually working to earn the money. Lord knows they already spent any money they had on alcohol/drugs and hopefully condoms.

posted by Paul Turner 7 months ago

Bless you for taking the steps you have. Truly, the parents threatening too sue think that your generosity in the past counts for nothing. Indeed they may think that your kindness in keeping the kids out of the system isn't enough. I say they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Maybe, then, just maybe, they will get the message that kindness isn't weakness. You are a hero to so many parents and grandparents.

posted by Trina Malatian 7 months ago

I takes a village to raise a child and unfortunately in this country the villages, or at least the villagers are disappearing! If just one is saved it is a victory. God Bless!

posted by Timothy Smallman 7 months ago

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Stay strong and do not give up faith. This will pass but honor and dignity is forever.



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This act by these teens has disgusted me. As a young adult myself, I know my parents would of personally beat my butt the whole way to Mr. Holloway's house to not only apologize, but to help everyday to make his house presentable again. Seeing the parents take this stand scares me for what the next generation is to hold. If we do not hold our children accountable for anything, what is to happen to us? Mr. Holloway, I appreciate your kindness to try to turn this around. I also appreciate your giving your home and time for Veterans.



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I saw the segment on Fox and Friends. I applaud your efforts in turning the situation around with our young people. I'm a Child Support Officer in Los Angeles and I challange my colleagues across this great nation to match my donation. Thank you for hosting the event this weekend for our military heroes. You are a true Patriot


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