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I am asking for your help so that I can take away Griffy's pain and give him a few more years outside the walls of the kennel he lived in for 6 years. I read somewhere that dogs are... more


Updated posted by Bronte Myers 14 months ago

With a heavy heart I write that I have let Griffy begin his adventures at the Rainbow Bridge. Griffy came home from the hospital with directions to eat whatever he liked. At the hospital he had taken to only eating chicken and the like. When he came home, he continued eating the like for a few days, and then he stopped. Simultaneously, the test results came back positive for cancer. As my heart broke with the confirmation of my fears, I knew it was time. Then last Thursday morning, Griffy let me know it was his choice too, as he stopped using his back leg. Together we spent the day cuddled on the floor under a blanket.

Griffy gave so much and it was time to give him rest. Thank you seems such a small thing to say for all that was given on his behalf. I post a video of how I will remember Griffy at his best.


Updated posted by Bronte Myers 15 months ago

Griffy is back in the hospital. He was going in for a growth on his lip and a follow up check to see how he was doing since going home. The night before he through up and the following morning he would not eat. Such has been the case since Friday: throwing up, not eating, and diarrhea. So now he is being force fed, and given meds, and injections for nausea. First the goal is to try to stabilize him, and then figure what's next. All the drugs and steroids are doing a number on his little old man's body. His previous bill just came in at over two thousand. I can only imagine what's next and just take a deep breath.



Updated posted by Bronte Myers 15 months ago

Griffy guards the homestead again! Grateful to have my little old man home, I cannot thank you all enough for the generous support that continues. Griffy is a guy on pain meds and steriods. If there were a water drinking and expelling contest, he would be our World Wide Champion. As any person on Prednisone alone will tell, you get a lion's appetite and a camel's thirst. To top it off, Griffy's meds are making him just so dang darn fidgety. He's constantly squirming and pacing like he's got hot coals underfoot, and ants on his backside. Any mess he could make and every wiggle he fidgets is worth it.


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Created by Bronte Myers on December 14, 2012

I am asking for your help so that I can take away Griffy's pain and give him a few more years outside the walls of the kennel he lived in for 6 years.

I read somewhere that dogs are here on Earth to save us. I imagine the saving is obvious in some ways and subtle in others.  Almost twelve, Griffy is a schnauzer that was left to be euthanized at 3 years of age at the animal hospital/kennel where I work part time. Griffy has issues: social, anxiety, biting, etc. He is the definition of “project dog.” He lived at the kennel for six years, and in those six years, I was one of his few “chosen humans.” I don’t know why, but I wore his affection as a badge of honor. I always said to Griffy, “Someday.” Well Griffy has lived with us for two years now, but has spent the last 7 weeks in the hospital being treated for an excruciatingly painful case of Discospondylitis, an infection in one or more of his bones in his spinal column. Thus far his medication alone has reached over six hundred dollars. 

One morning, almost two months ago, Griffy stiffly came out of his kennel. He hesitated and refused to go down the three steps off our porch. I picked him up and he yelped. When I put him on the ground, his paws crumpled under him and he screamed. Screamed as a dog does when hit by a car, and I cringed in pain. This episode only began what has become a very long agonizing journey for our little schnauzer. Just trying to diagnose his condition, and decide a course of action was challenging with his presented symptoms. He had more than one relapse, and I had more than one conversation with my vet about how many "lives" Griffy had. At one point he was on two-three strong injectible pain medications twice a day just to silence the piercing pain(click here). If that phase of his recovery was not to work, I was going to have to put him to sleep. I couldn't let him continue in such pain. There has been more than a few nights trying to know what is best.

Bronte was the name of my 12 year old pit bull, and she is the reason I first got on Facebook, and the reason Griffy didn't come to live with me sooner. I never thought Bronte would get along with other dogs, or that Griffy would get along with other dogs for that matter. But the short story is our Great Dane David, who is the biggest beta boy in the world, makes our multidog household possible. I adopted Griffy because I didn't want him to live his remaining years in the kennel, and I could give him a huge yard to run in. Thanks to David, Griffy also has learned how to play like a dog(click here), something he had never done before.

I've worked at this animal hospital in their kennel area part time for over ten years, and know without them I would not be able to have kept Griffy. The truth is I would have had to put him down. None of this would be possible without them. I already owe them so much, and that's why I'm asking for help. Every night after school (I'm an elementary teacher), I go and visit with him until the hospital closes. I know it's my projections that I don't want him to think I've given him back. It's just that he's so happy to see me, and my heart is so sad when I have to go home without him.

Cancer took my Bronte when she was twelve. With Bronte I used to say she was a rescue dog, but in truth, I was really the one that had been rescued. She rescued me and gave me a new life. I got another chance to be happy. Thing was though, we didn’t get to dodder into old age together. I want to dodder into old age with Griffy. Please help me continue to help Griffy.


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Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Your little white fluffy guy looks adorable.

posted by Bronte Myers 15 months ago

Praying Griffey is better soon -- we're partial to grumpy white schnauzers at our house. :D

posted by Beverly Clark 15 months ago

I hope Griffy will keep getting better and be able to have less meds so he can be more comfortable and pee less. Good luck

posted by Cynthia Cramer 15 months ago

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Shelly Klinger

14 months ago


You gave Griffy a wonderful home, thank you for all you did for him. Loved the video, I hope that he is playing with Bronte and with Mozart up there.



S. L.

14 months ago (Offline Donation)



Jonny Cecka

15 months ago


Happy New Year!




16 months ago



Pam Wright

16 months ago


Wish I could give more but still paying off vet bills for my late great Bonehead Kitty.




16 months ago



Gone Fishing

16 months ago



Jeanne Ginsburgh

16 months ago


For Griffey, in memory of Bronte



Mickie Loftis

16 months ago


I wish you all the best Griffy, you have a wonderful human looking out for you.



Jane/Linda Kaatz

16 months ago


We hope you get feeling better, Griffy. We know you aren't too into playing with us on a good day, but we want you to have better days. Dirty Bert, Leo, Jackson, Oscar and Molly.


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