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Juniata County School District has no funds for playground equipment at Fayette Elementary School in McAlisterville, PA. At recess, our children use 25 year old equipment which is terrib... more


Updated posted by Ruth Landis Hunter 17 months ago

Please consider a small donation for our kids. We are working so hard on this project, and our children deserve safe, new, and fun equipment. No more splinters!


Created by Ruth Landis Hunter on October 23, 2012

Juniata County School District has no funds for playground equipment at Fayette Elementary School in McAlisterville, PA. At recess, our children use 25 year old equipment which is terribly outdated. Concerned parents have come together and entered the Dannon Rally for Recess national contest to win a $30,000. playground makeover. It would take YEARS to raise this amount on our own. We are now in second place in our division. We send Dannon requests for free codes that we then enter into our account. Parents buy envelopes, index cards, labels, and stamps. However, we are a small community and need your help. Whatever you contribute will be used to buy stamps to send our requests for free codes to Dannon. Check our progress on (Wildcat Division). The contest ends on December 31, 2012. LET'S RALLY TOGETHER FOR KIDS! Thank you for your support.


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Ways to help... http://harrisburg.craigslist.o rg/wan/3412076172.html

posted by Justin Martin 17 months ago

Hi Carissa! We have roughly 255 students at Fayette. Absolutely, the community can help by buying Dannon products with the Rally for Recess packaging. The code on the inside of the cardboard packaging will be a combination of 10 letters and numbers. This code can be entered at under Fayette Elementary. Codes can also be posted here or on the Fayette Elementary Rally for Recess Facebook page. All supplies have been donated and parents of Fayette students have been supportive of picking up ready-to-go envelopes at the school and putting them in the mail. These envelopes will continue to be available until Christmas break. Unfortunately, we had a fabulous fundraiser ready, but we were denied,by the school district, the ability to fundraise through the school for this specific contest. We would love any other ideas or support that you could give to this cause. Thanks for your interest!

posted by Kelly Barth 17 months ago

Just another comment - how many students are enrolled at Fayette Elementary? I'm thinking if every student brought in x amount of money, and could find x amount of sponsors, you could raise some money. Or what about a penny/change drive to help raise funds? Is the school board ponying up any help to purchase playground equipment which sounds to be old and possibly not safe/up to code? Besides using the money to purchase stamps, are there things that others can be doing to help? Would those in the community be able to help by simply purchasing DANNON products? I don't live in Juniata County School District, but my boyfriend does and his niece and nephew attend this school. I'd be willing to do anything I could to help out!

posted by Carissa Woleslagle 17 months ago

The last time I used this equipment was 4 years ago. At that time, I even thought that the playground equipment was extremely unsafe to be playing on. Everyday at recess at least one person would have a splitter by the end of recess. This equipment is UNEXCEPTABLE and there needs to be a change or else someone will seriously get hurt. If we don't make an effort to raise money for new equipment now, it will be years until something might be done.

posted by Lydia Hunter 17 months ago

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Jennifer Wolfe

15 months ago


Send a pic of the swing set when you win!



Debi Bartosek

16 months ago


Given in honor of student, Ellie M. Keeping our fingers crossed that your school wins!! Love you bunches, Uncle Jody & Aunt Debi




16 months ago



Jason Mackanick

17 months ago


Good Luck with the goal



Tracy Durst

17 months ago


good luck!!!!! This is for you Ellie and EVERYONE at your school. Devin & Tracy



Sarah Dunston Wilhelms

17 months ago


A small token to help a friends' cause. Good luck Christa, i hope you get your playground :)



Christine Brenner

17 months ago


Good luck reaching your goal!!



cindy lane

17 months ago



Jenn Spencer

17 months ago


Win it!



Michelle Loveless

17 months ago


Good luck!!!


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